Why visit Sydney?

After visiting other countries, I have come to a realization that everything we have enjoyed experiencing in distant lands are right here close to home.


You don’t have to go to Vietnam to have authentic Vietnamese food, there’s one right here in Cabramatta. Thai food are everywhere in the Sydney CBD. Every cuisine is in Sydney. Everything from Filipino. Mediterranean to less known Burmese food. It really is becoming one of the best places for foodies to visit.


Eating out have become a hobby for us. Specially in the weekends when we have more free time. Love going to different eateries enjoying food with family and friends.

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Food Spotting

We love exploring Sydney and we love it more when we find the best dish we have ever had. Click below for the best eats you can find in Sydney.

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Food Festivals

Sydney food festivals are something for any food loving individual should attend. You get lots of insights on the latest trends in food, cooking and other food related events.

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So Hawaii does have nice beaches but we have the most famous beach in the world. Ok, maybe not, but it’s the most visited beach for tourists here in Sydney. It even has it’s own TV show, Bondi Rescue.There are plenty more beaches, from well known Bondi, Maroubra to the less known, not full of tourists, beaches, like New Port. Those three mentioned are just a small percentage that makes up the whole Sydney beaches.

Other countries visited



We rode elephants, petted tigers, ate the hottest dishes, shopped at markets, visited temples, got picked up by girls for massage on the street, I said no. It was quite adventurous and full of surprises.



Freshest and best sushi I have ever had. Experienced earthquakes, got lost, public transport was a pain, expensive taxis, tours was expensive, expensive everything. Even after all that, I still want to go back.



Great food, the best Braised Fish in Clay pot ever is located in My Tho, Vietnam. Get in touch if you know where to find one in Sydney.



Beautiful beaches, lots of brand names that are much cheaper compared to Sydney prices.


New Zealand

Luscious greens, picturesque landscapes, great produce, makes New Zealand one of the places that we would love to visit again.



Friendly locals, English speaking country, best Balut, cheap alcohol, cheap transport, cheap service, cheap cheap cheap!