The Hive Cafe by Ground review. We heard about this place when we were trying to book a local place to celebrate Mother’s day. Originally we wanted to take our mother out in the city but thought about how pack the restaurants are going to be that day.

So we opted to go somewhere local to eat and have breakfast. After much deliberation, we settled on The Hive Cafe by Ground located in Hammondville.

The Hive Cafe is part of Ground at Moorebank

The plan was to actually go to The Ground located in Moorebank. They told us about this place which is an extension of theirs. Moorebank didn’t really have much seating and it is actually just meant for takeaways. 

The Hive Cafe has more seats and is located in a very quiet area. Nestled within an elderly village. They have lounges with a really comfy cushioning. Nice decor and has a very roomy space.

the hive cafe by ground review

I was really excited about coming to this place because our experience with The Ground at Moorebank was really good. Can’t wait to get into their big breakfast.

Coming here 10 minutes early is a testament to how excited I was. Funnily enough, my sister messages me and says that they just left their house. They live 20 minutes away!

Early bird gets the worm

We decided to just go inside and get the best seats before it gets taken, it was Mother’s day after all. 

I guess I overestimated how busy they are going to be because there were only a couple of people that was seated, in fact, about 6 people. Of course the good thing was that we got the best seat. That lounge was so comfortable.

Ordering is done at the counter and next to it is a barista machine. Just behind that counter is a small kitchen where you can see the chef’s head and part of the kitchen. 

Strong coffee, no sugar

I ordered the cappuccino with no sugar, just the way I like it. I can hear the sweet tooth out there saying “eugh” in disgust. My heritage is Filipino, as most people know, most of us possess the sweetest of tooth.

My no sugar with coffee training has finally come to fruition. I used to always pour at least 2 teaspoons of sugar in my cup of coffee. Now I have none at all. I guess my taste buds got used to it. With the amount of sweets I eat, it helps to reduce my daily sugar intake just a little, tiny bit.

The fat in the milk gives some creaminess and a bit of sweetness which helps with the bitterness of the coffee. Skim milk or low fat milk won’t have much impact but will still makes a difference.

Campos coffee is the bomb

santos coffee

Has anyone tried Campos coffee beans before? If you have then you will love to come here because that’s what they are using. It really is simply the best coffee system I have ever tried.

Needless to say, my cappuccino tasted creamy and a little sweet, even though there was no sugar, counteracted the bitterness of the coffee. The Santos coffee system is just one of the best tasting I have had. Can’t get enough of it.

The ultimate big brekky

For breakfast, I ordered the Ultimate Big Brekky, $22. Literally said on the menu “big enough for 2”. I did share it, but I think I could have eaten that all by myself. My appetite is just huge or my stomach. 

Ordering the breakfast was a bit of a challenge. The menu stated “2 eggs your way”. That means 2 eggs cooked the way you want it right? To my understanding, you can have one egg cooked in some way and second one in another way. Am I wrong? 

Well we wanted those 2 eggs cooked in 2 different ways. One would be sunny side up and one scrambled. The staff tried to tell us to just cook them 2 eggs one way because the eggs are really small and won’t be enough when separated.

Why couldn’t they accommodate what we wanted? How hard is it to cook them in 2 different pans in a professional kitchen. I can cook 2 eggs different ways in my 12 inch pan. One sunny side up on one side and scrambled on the other. 

He was really adamant about it so we just said “OK”.  Seriously the staff was more worried about how time consuming it is to cook 2 eggs separately than what the customer wants. 

I hoped that the food is going to be very, very, very good. 

Excitement turned to anger

To my dismay, eating the Ultimate Big Brekky was a horrible experience. The supposedly grilled cherry truss was raw. It didn’t even hit the grill, it was just washed and added on the plate. The chevapi, cevapi, was so dry and tasted off.

the hive cafe by ground review

To be honest I never had cevapi before and don’t know how it tastes. If it’s suppose to be dry and tastes like a month old pork then I am sorry, my bad. Oh and we were missing a hash brown. Our eggs was scrambled good though.

They were not even busy and they were in disarray. You can actually feel the tension between the staff. Like a bad vibe in the air and this translated into their food. I can’t even imagine how they would handle it when there are more customers. 

So disappointed

Like I said I was really really excited coming here and expected a lot. Let me tell you guys that my expectations did not affect this review or any reviews. I do not know how this restaurant received so many positive reviews on Facebook and Google. By the time of this writing anyways. 

All my reviews are all in honesty and true to how my taste buds feel. The last thing I want to do is lie about my experiences or hurt a restaurant’s reputation. 

How I see it, reviews really help both customers and restaurants. Restaurants will have to strive for every customers satisfactions, giving them great reviews, attracting more customers. Customers equals sales equals profit. In turn, customers will get to enjoy great food and experience. 

Our experience with The Hive Cafe by Ground is so bad, that left me wanting. I had to go to the city to grab a better meal just to sate my expectations. I don’t know if they were having a bad day or a new chef in the kitchen or new staff still trying to get used to the system.

Great coffee though.

Where is The Hive by Ground?

If you still want to go there to try for yourself. By all means, go. Below is their contact information. Please leave us a comment and tell us what you thought. Maybe I just went at a very bad day. 

How was your experience?