Our trip to Thai Essence had me wondering if this is going to be my local Thai go to restaurant. We live locally in the Liverpool area and this place is just 10 minutes drive from us. During the drive home, me and Yen were discussing about our experience in Thai Essence. I had mix emotions but she plainly didn’t like it. She didn’t like how it came out, It wasn’t hot. Dishes didn’t come out hot from the wok and seemed it just came out from the microwave.

How do I respond to that other than, I have to listen to my palate and my palate liked it. I’m sure most people have different taste buds. Your yum could be a yuck to some. For example, she really didn’t like the Pad See Ew. It was a little bit on the sweet side. She has a sour tooth while I am the opposite with my sweet tooth. Hence I didn’t mind the Pad See Ew. I admit though that it was a tad in the sweet side. 

Use Scoopon to get some discounts

We are only going here because of the Scoopon deal bought by Yen. We get to eat $200 worth of food and pay only half price. If we go over the $200, we just need to pay for the difference. We ended up paying $50 more. Damn Coronas! 

Also if you are using any kinds of offers, always present and validate it at the counter. Their policy is to validate or pay for full price. 

thai essence liverpool

Thai Essence’s ambience

thai essence

Just by looking at the front door, you know this is a Thai restaurant. Once you enter, you are greeted with a picture of Thai royalty. Thai statues are displayed in certain corners of the restaurant. The picture frames of Thailand adorns the walls. Made it feel like I was in Thailand. The lighting gave it some romantic vibe. Great place to take someone out for nice romantic dinner.

I don’t know what the LCD Televisions are for but it didn’t really need it. Didn’t really come here to watch TV. If I did I would have gotten take away instead and stayed home. Each to their own I guess.

Mild spice means hot 

We started with the Papaya Salad and asked for mild spice. The first bite took me back to Thailand. Their mild spice was hot. Not as hot as it was in Thailand but it made me reminisce. Mild? There is no such thing. It was salty and sour at the same time. But spice was the overwhelming flavor.

thai essence liverpool

Texture galore, everything was fresh and crunchy. The papaya was soft and still had a bit of bite to it. It looked really vibrant when it landed on the plate. The green snake beans added some contrast to the papaya. 

Best Pad Thai in Sydney?

One of our mains was the Pad Thai. I took a liking to it after the second bite. It reminded me of the Pad Thai in Lao Star Fairfield. Sadly, it is now owned and managed by other people. It was a family ran business so everyone has left together. The taste was similar and the difference was the noodles they use.

If only they used a flat rice noodle like in Star Lao, this Pad Thai would have been perfect. I’m probably just being picky. The taste was something though. The flavor was so well balanced on this dish. Not too sweet and not too sour. You can prominently taste the egg that was mixed in it.                                                                                     

thai essence liverpool

Dessert time

My dessert was a Thai deep fried ice cream. The ice cream is wrapped in a thin plain pastry. That pastry was perfectly brittle that you can cut it like butter. The caramel had nice golden color and is a great accompaniment to the ice cream. The deep fried coconuts was oily but is balanced out with the sourness of the strawberries. My only gripe is that there wasn’t enough strawberries. I ran out of strawberries and it got sickeningly fatty towards the end. Need a bit more sourness to the dish. Maybe add 3 strawberries, one is just not enough for a big piece of deep fried ice cream.

I was already full when we ordered dessert. But knowing me, I can eat dessert even after a full feast. Eating dessert is what I love to do. Having the biggest sweet tooth can really be a bad thing. 

Love the Pad Thai

I was going to recommend the Pad See Ew but it was a little bit sweet. Come for some perfectly cooked Pad Thai, at $11.95, you can’t go wrong.