Teinoya’s Garden review, the only Japanese Cabramatta restaurant, sort of. Maybe I should say a proper Japanese restaurant. Let’s get this review started.

I had the best Wagyu beef in Sydney today and it was cheap! As you already know, I like to spend cheap on food but still eat the best. It is very hard to find places that serves the best food at cheap prices. 

Real Wagyu beef aren’t cheap

Wagyu is never cheap, they are the cream of the crop in beef. It originated from Japan and breeders saw a great profit to be had. Soon there are many beef claiming to be Wagyu. All sorts of cheap Wagyu beef are sold in butchers. Any cheap Wagyu beef is just an imitation of the real Japanese Wagyu. 

A real Wagyu beef literally melts in the mouth, it’s just like eating fish. You see it’s all about the fat. The fat in a Wagyu beef is different to other breeds of cattle. This fat contains a lot of omega 6 and 3 which makes this a very healthy fat. The consistency of it’s fat is achieved by religiously, fanatically monitoring it’s production.

There was a show from the food network about how Wagyu beef were produced. The cows were massaged, played music to, hides always scraped clean, it was treated like a King. 

Best Wagyu beef @Teinoya’s Garden

Now you know that there are cheap versions of Wagyu beef. The Wagyu beef I had was obviously a half Wagyu and just bought from any butcher that sells it. That’s why it’s cheap guys! 

teinoya's garden review

Although it wasn’t the real deal, the beef was still tender. Not melt in your mouth tender but tender enough. I asked for a medium and it was cooked the way I wanted it. The sauce that was paired with it really worked. Subtle hint of soy, sugar and maybe a Mirin. The snake beans shouldn’t have been there but hey I ate it. That’s my vegetable intake for the day, he he. 

I think the price tag of $15.90 was justified, but the wait time was not. We literally had to wait almost 30 minutes. It was really pack today which it should because it is Sunday and it was lunch time. 

They seem to be cooking in a first table first service system. They bring out everything at the same time per table. What they should do is bring out entrees first. It’s not hard, put Edemame in a bowl, check presentation, shout service, cross out Edemame from table 12. At least the wait won’t seem long when you have something in your mouth. The kitchen needs improvement to cut down wait times.

Teinoya’s Garden Ambience

With the decorations around the restaurant, it made me feel like I was in a Japanese restaurant in Cabramatta. There is a katana on the wall and some geisha figurines. The staff were dressed uniformly in black. The counter looked like a little hut with a banner with Kanji writing on it. There is also a hello kitty on the counter. It didn’t take me to Japan but you can tell that you are in a Japanese restaurant.

The deco is somewhat childish to me. The kitchen and staff including the chef really did look young. Maybe simple Japanese themed picture frames hanged on the wall would have sufficed. Get rid of those novelty samurai swords and that hello kitty figurine. 

This restaurant looks better than most Cabramatta restaurants though. 

Teinoya’s Garden Menu is not that cheap

There are extensive list of Japanese dishes on the menu. You can have a Teriyaki Salmon with rice or udon for $13.90. An Unagi (eel) with rice or udon for $9.90. Same price for the Teriyaki Chicken, which I think is just OK. It is affordable but not so much difference from Sydney CBD’s Japanese restaurants. They also do Edemame, Panko Prawns, Soft Shell Crabs and my favorite, the Japanese pancake. They didn’t have the pancake! I almost went berserk when she told us.

teinoya's garden review

They give you a piece of paper and a pen to order your meals. You just write down the corresponding number and maybe the way you want it cooked. So if you order a Wagyu beef, you also write M for medium or W for well done.

teinoya's garden review

Service at Teinoya’s Garden lacks effort

teinoyas garden review

The service was something, it’s actually appalling. The way the wait staff put the dishes on our table felt like she was angry. She was literally banging the dishes on our table. Not just one dish, all the 6 dishes we ordered she put down hard! All you could hear is BANG! BANG! We were just looking at each other whispering, what the f??? Her face said it all. She was either stressed from too many order or it’s that time of the month. I don’t know…

Teinoya’s Garden Tonkotsu leaves a question mark in my mouth

My Wagyu beef was good and the other dishes my friends say it was fine. The Pork Tonkutsu was not. They wrote down Tonkotsu Shoyu which just means it’s a Tonkotsu base broth with soy sauce. I am telling you right now that it is not a Tonkotsu broth. A Tonkotsu broth should be cloudy and creamy. What we had was almost clear and tasted salty. Anyone who had a real Tonkotsu will pick up on this. 

Teinoya’s Garden Review – The Verdict

Bottom line is, don’t come here for Tonkotsu based dishes. I didn’t really taste the other dishes my friends ordered so I can’t comment on them. Definitely come here for nice, well priced local Japanese dishes. 

They don’t really have a best food that will make me want to come back for. 

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