underrated Food court in Chinatown

Whilst working at Sega World back in my 20’s, I used to frequent this place all the time because of its cheap and readily available dishes. I remember the cost for a dish, it used to be just $5-7 with a drink. Hard to find those prices anymore, you’d be lucky to get a dish priced at $5. But wait! You can! At the end of the video to your left, is a dish worth $5!

Lunch Time @Sussex Centre

Sussex Centre food court has been around for as long as I can remember. Working at Sega World, I got to know the places where to eat really cheap but delicious food.


Always running from Sega World Darling Harbour to this food court on my lunch break to save money for my first car. Darling Harbour restaurants aren’t exactly cheap, with it being a tourist spot and all.


There was Macdonalds just downstairs but it isn’t really a great choice, it’s cheap, but, I am trying to eat a little healthy. I still remember the large Big Mac value meal for $7, the real Big Mac, before they shrunk it to a size of a Cheeseburger and still calling it a Big Mac.

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There are plenty of choices to satisfy your Asian food cravings. They have Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Fusions and of course Chinese. 


One of the Japanese restaurant was making their noodle just before lunch service. It was a shame that we didn’t get to try it as they were still setting up. I ordered myself a nice caramel Basa fish from the Chinese restaurant. It was only $9.50 for 3 cutlets with rice and soup. 


The Basa was swimming in soup so any crispy skin is out of the question. Could have used a little bit of heat or something to cut some of that richness. Nonetheless, it was still enjoyable to eat. 


There is a separate bar to order any drinks you’d like. They serve milk tea, the usual fizzy drinks, ordinary water, tea, coffee and beer.


My only tip is that for you to come in early before lunch service or later. As it gets really pack sometimes and you won’t be able to find any seats. If this happens, don’t worry though as there are other food courts and restaurants in the area. You might even want to try the Market City food court.

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Where is Sussex Centre

It’s right in the heart of Chinatown. There are two ways you can enter this building. Walking along the food street of Chinatown, Dixon Street or from Sussex Street. There is a large sign on the building that says Sussex Centre. All you have to do is take the elevator or escalator all the way up. Happy eating!

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