Just a Super Dish review for people that want to know what to expect in this Chinese restaurant in Cabramatta. This place have been open probably almost 4 years now. It was a hit when it first opened. Many people lined up to see the new Chinese restaurant. Nowadays, there are plenty of seats available almost every time of the day.

super dish review

Super Dish Ambience

The front of the restaurant are filled with empty seats that used to be filled with people. Upon entry, you are greeted by no one. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. If you are lucky you do and get seated straightaway. If no one greets you, then feel free to just plonk your buttocks wherever it suits you. 

You will definitely feel like you are in a Chinese restaurant. The writing alone suggests it. The images and frames hanged by the walls accentuates that feeling. 

There is a single lounge chair on one side of the restaurant and the rest are your normal tables and chairs. In bigger groups, you can opt to sit in the big circle table where it has a rotating top. You can probably sit there when you are by yourself because it’s not as busy. You will kind of look foolish though. 

It used be a really crowded restaurant but customers and staff may not have stayed dedicated. The number of people that visits this place has dwindled. This place is now quiet in contrast to when it first opened. To be fair, our last visit was in the early hours of a Sunday morning. So that could have been a factor as to why it was so quiet.

Yumcha only in the early hours

This place serves only Yumcha in the early hours. So no other dishes than the usual Yumchas as we got their too early at 9am. It’s fine because the only dish I love eating here is the Congee with the deep fried dough. That crunchy dough gives a great texture which is really needed in congees. The oily dough also gives a needed contrast to the silkiness and freshness of the congee. Combining the two makes for a dirty, sexy, velvety experience.

super dish

Youtiao aka Chinese oil stick, Chinese cruller, Chinese doughnut, You char kway, deep fried dough is a great accompaniment to a Congee.

super dish review

 Super Dish Menu

Super Dish has a typical Chinese menu, A LOT! Seriously there are so much to choose from. If you have ever been to a Chinese restaurant then you will know what I am talking about. 

super dish review

They have the Shark Fin Soup, any thing stir fried, duck, hot pot and any seafood. You will be spoiled for choice when you look at the menu. The Preserved Egg and Lean Pork Congee set me back $9.50 and the deep fried dough costed $2.50. Ordered two Congees, first batch was good but the second wasn’t so great. The second batch’s egg had this funny taste to it. Which is quite strong, not so subtle like the first. Not very well versed in Preserved Chinese Eggs but I just go by my taste buds and it tells me something is up. 

You can also get Chicken Feet for $5.50. Some people don’t understand eating Chicken feet. I tell you why I eat it. It’s not the meat but more of the skin which is thicker than any part of the Chicken. This holds much more fat and flavor. To describe the taste is just like eating a drumstick in a chicken broth with the skin on and a lot of bones.

super dish

Service without a smile

Ok, Chinese restaurants are notorious for having bad customer service. This one was not an exception. The staff looked miserable, they looked like zombies walking around. They are not very attentive, we kept asking for the finished plates to be taken away. Needed space because we had so many people in our table. Felt really cramped and didn’t have much room to eat. At one time I hesitated to order because the wait staff looked like he was going to kill me. It wasn’t even that busy! 

Recommended dishes to try

I’d recommend having only Yumcha dishes here, especially the Congee. The congees here is the bomb and should be eaten with the deep fried dough. There aren’t really any dishes that was a stand out for me. The chicken feet was nice and tasty but this one is an acquired taste I guess. The dim sims were fine, nothing outstanding. 

super dish

Super Dish contact details

Facebook Page

Phone numer

02 9727 7880

Opening hours

9am to Midnight (Varies on days) 
17/180 Railway Parade, Cabramatta, Sydney