Rashays source their ingredients from local Australian produce, provides great value and service. It has been around for almost two decades and have more than 25 locations all over Sydney, still priding themselves for their amazing value.

My first Rashays experience was at the very first restaurant that they opened located in Liverpool. 

Good to see that they have maintained their amazing service and fine value for money.

The plan was to visit Blue Fish restaurant but the prices had us turn around and looked for another. 

Let’s say the average price is around the $50 mark. We could have just had the fish and chips, $23.50, but she craved pasta.

They didn’t serve pasta or any tomato based dishes. She was craving that marinara sauce that she loves. I didn’t really care, I am not pregnant. 

Went around to other places around Harbourside and finally settled on Rashays.

The Rashays Vibe

We were greeted with a smile by the bar person, he was probably the manager, really friendly guy. Showed us to our table and told us our waiter is Alex.

There was no music, all you can hear are faint conversations, clinking of glasses and cutlery made up the ambiance. 

It was lunch time and our table was brightly lit by the sun’s inviting rays on a winter’s day.

The place did get busy after 10 minutes and all of a sudden there are people being seated next to us. There is a good amount of space between tables, so there was enough space for us to get in and out.

Family of four seated next to them were offered high chairs for their two child. The place really caters for pretty much everyone, so a family of six can sit comfortably.

Good vibes all around.


The Staff

Our waiter, Alex, had this accent which I could not really tell where from. The other waiter had the same. There was no problem understanding them which made ordering easy. Although, Alex, was sort of loud a tiny, little, bit.

Both were very friendly and clarified what made up one of the dishes we ordered and explained how it was cooked.

He also mentioned that during this holiday, there will be a 10% surcharge. Which made our 10% membership discount a little pointless. 

After eating, he asked us for our feedback on the food and service. We acknowledged that it was good and packed our dishes.

After paying for our meal, the waitress smiled and waved us a parting phrase, “have a great day”.

The Food

I ordered the Angus Beef Lasagna with Herb Bread. 

Angus Beef Lasagna $22

The layers of pasta was soft, a good balance of acidity and fat from the bolognese sauce and bechamel.

Not too cheesy or creamy and it had a nice crust of parmesan cheese on top.

Both the herb bread were aromatic, buttery and had a nice crunch to it. This adds some texture when eating the middle part of the lasagna.

If you are a carnivore like me, you might find that there is not enough meat. It had a millimeter or less of meat layered on top of each sheet. I am used to at least 2 millimeter. 

That’s it, otherwise, it’s perfect.

Must try

I’d recommend what I had, the Angus Beef Lasagna. Apparently, their most popular dish is the Chicken with creamy mushroom. So popular that, it has been in their menu since day one.