Phuong Nam Noodle House in Canley Heights has satisfied my hunger and gave me the buzz needed for a busy day. First off this is not Tan Viet Noodle House from Cabramatta. This one is another noodle house that specializes in Crispy Skin Chicken. This place is your best bet when craving a Crispy Skin Chicken. 

phuong nam noodle house

We got to Canley Heights at around 8:50AM. There weren’t much people around compared to other times which is usually bustling. Watch the video here for more visual references. 

Best time to arrive at Phuong Nam Noodle House

Walked in the empty restaurant just when it opened. We were pretty early and there were 3 people waiting outside before us. This is what it looked like when it just opened at 9AM

phuong nam noodle house review

By 9:20AM, the amount of customers doubled. The place started really buzzing at 9:30AM. Get here quickly if you want to be seated straighaway. It had the usual feel of any Cabramatta restaurant. No effort wasted on decor. Few fancy lighting and your basic tables and chairs. Honestly I don’t mind sitting on basic chairs, just give me a luxurious meal. My stomach is more important.

phuong nam noodle house

I ordered the crispy chicken and a Vietnamese coffee. Yen ordered a Hu Tieu I think, please comment if I am wrong. Click here for her video review.

The Crispy Chicken is crispy

Crispy chicken was crispy and the chicken was not too dry. It was just a little bit over though. Beside it was pickled cabbage and tomato rice. It comes with a soup to wash it down and a fish sauce. There are two ways you can use the fish sauce, as a dip or pour it all over your rice.

phuong nam noodle house

When you cut that juicy chicken meat, you can hear the crunch of the crispy skin. That’s when you know you are in for a treat. Take that delightful meat with your fork together with the pickled cabbagte. Dip it in the fish sauce then put it in your mouth. Boom! What you will get is an explosion of flavors.

The pickled  cabbage sourness gets mellowed by the salty fish sauce. The chicken itself is bland  but the  crispy skin brings it to life. All the flavors are in the skin. It is after all the  best part. The  brittle skin and the crunchy pickled cabbage is a great contrast to the moist chicken meat.

Wash all this down with the chicken based soup side. The soup intensifies the flavor of the chicken. Do note that this soup is usually made with MSG. So avoid it or just have a sip.

This may not be the best Crispy Chicken I have ever had but it is up there. 

When in Canley, grab a Vietnamese coffee.

Okay so maybe Canley Heights may not have the best Vietnamese coffee. If you just want to get a big jump start on your system to tackle the day with enthusiasm and energy. Order coffee, great energy booster and healthy in moderation.

Vietnamese coffee

Looks dirty doesn’t it? A dirty coffee. Trust me this coffee will give you the boost you need after waking up early on a Sunday morning. To be honest, I don’t really have much experience with Vietnamese coffee to give a concise review on what I had. All I can say is that it was sweet and I could hardly taste the bitterness of the coffee. Don’t know if that is good or bad, but I know that I was buzzing after 2 sips.

Phuong Nam Noodle House location

3/217-219 Canley Vale Rd
Canley Heights NSW 2166
(02) 9723 4452

Phuong Nam Noodle House Menu

Sometimes I want to see their menu before going into a place to eat. Just to compare or see what will make my eyes pop and my mouth water. 

Here’s a photo of the menu and to also show what else you can order from Phuong Nam Noodle House. If it’s too small press Ctrl + to zoom in. You can always revert to normal view by pressing Ctrl 0. That’s zero by the way.

phuong nam noodle house menu

phuon nam noodle house menu

phuong nam noodle house


Don’t forget to comment below on what you think of Phuong Nam Noodle House. Tell me what you think of their Crispy Skin Chicken. Was it, what you expected or it left you wanting than satisfied. Leave a comment guys. See you in the next food travel.