Papparich is a Malaysian restaurant serving delicious hawker style dishes with traditional drinks that will accompany each meal. 

Last minute, frantic decision to see the bank on a Sunday led us to eat Malaysian food for dinner. 

Commonwealth Bank is open on a Sunday ’till 3:30 PM. There aren’t much banks that does this in Australia. 

The problem is, most people tend to leave things at the last minute like us and go to the bank all at the same time. The bank was packed and we had to wait almost 1 hour to see the consultant. 

It took us 10 minutes to get our answer and that was that. Now it’s time to eat. 

Papparich Malaysian Delights

This is our second time coming to Papparich in Bankstown. First visit was great, hence I wanted to come back and have that same experience again.

The store is located in the newly built Little Saigon building, but the storefront is outside. I’ll provide the map and information at the bottom of the page.

Papparich has been sprouting everywhere lately. There are 7 locations alone in Sydney. 

Three in the Sydney CBD, two in Western Sydney and two in Northern Sydney. More in the other six states.

The Vibe

It’s quite funny when the sign at the front door says, “wait to be seated”. What does that mean? Do I wait outside the door or come in and wait inside, someone tell me.

We did wait outside for a good 5 minutes but no one came to usher us in. Grew impatient, so went inside and waited. Finally, someone noticed and seated us.

Upon entry you are greeted with amazing aroma coming from the kitchen. All those spices being grounded and cooked are so aromatic. 

The kitchen is almost an open design where you can see most of what’s going on.

For a Sunday long weekend, there wasn’t much people. 

It is in Bankstown after all and it’s fairly new, I would imagine being packed in the CBD. Not so much tonight, but there are more people than last time we visited.

The decor does give hints of being in a Malaysian restaurant, but I didn’t feel like I was. 

It is very family friendly and there are plenty of seats for a big one. There are high chairs on the side ready to go for your little bub. 

I have to warn you though that there are NO TOILETS for customers in this restaurant. So, before you come racing down to eat, please drop off whatever you need to, just in case.


The Food

I ordered my usual, Roti Canai with Beef Rendang. The roti here is made fresh and it’s very soft with flaky texture, just love it.

How you order is quite not the norm where you just tell the waiter what you want verbally. No, you write it down on a piece of paper. 

The menu has numbers for every dish and that is what you would write down on the piece of paper. 

As well as the specific number of the dish, what you write on the paper is quantity and any instructions you want the waiter to tell the kitchen.

You would then call the waiter with a button on your table and the waiter would come. Or, you can always do it the old fashioned way and just signal him.

This is helpful when language barrier is a concern. I would like this implemented in Cabramatta restaurants. It’s hard to order sometimes. 

The waiter would then issue a receipt detailing the price and what you ordered.

Roti Canai with Beef Rendang

I could not wait to get my hands on that roti. Salivating while waiting and it finally come after 10 minutes. That was quite quick to be honest, but here it is!

Roti Canai with Beef Rendang $14.90

The Beef Rendang was not as tender as I would have liked it to be. Sauce or dips that came with was Dal and Sambal. The Sambal was quite sweet and also possess good amount of heat. While the Dal was smooth but a bit bland.

The roti was flaky and nice but I could taste a subtle sweetness to it, that it could really do without.

The Service

Other than waiting outside for five minutes without anyone noticing us. That could have been our fault, maybe we have misunderstood the sign saying, “wait here to be seated” on the door. Still not sure about that one.

The staff was quite friendly and catered to us in a timely manner. They are knowledgeable about the food they are serving. We asked one of the waiters if one of our dishes was sweet and he was correct. 

Asked us if we were finished before clearing our table.

One thing, I ordered 2 hot lemon tea but only one came out. 

Double checked the receipt and surely enough our waiter only charged us for one. Asked one of the staff and we simply ordered another one. No biggie.

Must Try

You have to try their Roti Canai here. I come here mostly for that. You can also just order the roti by itself with dips. 

I really wanted to try the dessert and sugary drinks but my cholesterol is stopping me doing so. They really did look appetizing.

For a food lover like me, a high cholesterol is something that have ruined my fun with food. Can’t enjoy as much food as I used to, such tragedy.


It is located inside the newly opened Little Saigon building as I mentioned. If there are no car park on the street then your best bet is the car park inside the Saigon building. You get 3 hours free parking which is more than you’ll need to eat and the extra shopping bit.

Address: Little Saigon Plaza Bankstown, G13-G14/462 Chapel Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200