The food in New Thainatown have always been good, cheap and I have never had a bad experience.

Staff are always attentive and friendly. I don’t know, maybe they think I’m Thai. I do look like one, right?

Old Thainatown

New Thainatown used to be called just Thainatown. I don’t really know what happened, either the owner sold it or just wanted change.

Our visit since the new name made me think that maybe the head chef may have gone. The food tasted really different.

It was good, but, different.

There was the same staff and seemed like the same people in the kitchen, but I don’t knowI don’t really pay attention to their faces when they are too busy cooking, rude to stare.

I have searched for local Thai news but could not find any so if anyone out there could bother telling me, please do so.


Changes in the New Thainatown

I hate it when my favorite restaurant changes chef or closes down. When this happens, I cry. The dish that I love is forever gone, when will I be able to find the best again?

Six months ago, my favorite place to eat Pad Thai has vanished. Not gone but changed ownership. It was a family business, so from Chef, owner and staff was also gone.

We came in, only to find, different tasting food and it wasn’t good. I cried on the way home.


New Thainatown is in fact new, I would say owner and head chef also. One thing for sure is that the dishes are still tasty and prices are still cheap.

It maybe went up a little, but everything goes up, in time, damn inflation.

The place, still plays modern English songs and Thai in the background. Giving this place a vibe for younger generations of customers or staff.

That’s not the case though. I see both old and young visit here. Sometimes, they don’t even play music.

I don’t really care about that when the food here is cheap and good. A lot of Thai also frequent this place.

new thainatown

The interior hasn’t changed at all. Still has those unstable wooden tables and plastic chairs. 

Still the same wide open bathroom that anyone can see through when they walk across the room.

We try to sit far away from it as possible.

If you are the sensitive type, make sure you sit close to the entrance to avoid looking at the toilet.

Still has the same open kitchen, which is great that you can watch the cooks prepare the meals you are about to eat.

There’s nothing like it when you can see your dish hit the pass, visible hot steam coming out of it and served straight to you. 

Big groups can be catered for if you choose. Families with kids are easily accommodated. 

Booking was never necessary for us every time we come here, even with 6 people. During busy periods, like weekend dinner service, can be quite busy, so just call ahead to make sure there’s seats.

The food

I ordered the green curry from their lunch menu, still available because it was only 12:30 PM. It included 1 piece of curry puff, green curry with rice and you get a choice of soft drink for just $10.90. So cheap!

new thainatown

When the green curry hit the table, I could distinctly smell the bamboo shoots, and spicy aromas coming from that green curry paste.

The snake beans, carrots, bamboo shoots, had a bite to it and it was tender enough. The chicken was a tad over but not so bad.

Sauce was creamy, spicy, herby and fresh. It had the right amount of spice for my palate. I am sure, for Thai, they opt to make it spicier. 

The curry puff, oh my god, I didn’t take a photo. It was nice and had subtle curry taste to it. Pastry was light and delicate. 

Vegetable fillings in the curry puff was all too mushy for me but it’s great how the pastry was flaky and crisp, giving it some texture.


Try the green curry if you love some more spice in your curry. If not then just go for the Red or the Massaman curry.

Also go for the Boat Noodle Soup which Yen always gets. She comes here just for that and reckons it is the best one in Sydney.


Where is the New Thainatown?

It is in Thai town, near the corner of Goulburn and Pitt Street.

 91 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9211 0090

Where to park?

Thainatown is very close to Secure Parking. This is where we always park if we want to eat at Thainatown, it’s so convenient.

It is $12 during the weekend, anytime. 

What do you think of the New Thainatown?