The Market City food court located in Haymarket is being relocated to the first level. It has been closed for some time now, more than 2 months. We have confirmed that some of the shops won’t be coming back to it’s new location. One of them is, Poporo, a Japanese restaurant serving Bentos and half and half dishes. 

But i’m not totally sad about Poporo, Gumshara is what I am most upset about. Forget the other restaurants, because the best Tonkotsu ever is now gone in Sydney. Can someone please tell me where can I find them. I actually message the number given by Google’s directory and so far, 1 week on, still waiting for a reply. Somebody tell me where they are, please!!!


Best Pork Tonkotsu is Gone

-Oh Gumshara, where have you gone?

I am dead serious about Pork Tonkotsu and so are they. It is one of my favorite dishes and these guys makes the best. The broth is so thick, rich and very porky. Apparently, it takes 7 days to make the broth, using just miso, pork bones and water. What!? 


When you get a taste of this super porky broth, you will know what I and everyone else that have tried it are talking about. Sadly, it is gone, forever gone. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given my food senses, I will miss you.

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New Market City Food Court

market city sydney food court

The new food court is finally taking shape. There are fancy gold-ish looking lights on the roof, centralized seating for eating in the middle of the food court. Only a few have opened and a new Ramen bar will be opening soon called Kaedama. Hopefully, it will be serving Tonkotsus.


At the moment, we only saw a Sushi bar, Japanese take away and Thai. There aren’t much varieties to choose from as of yet but hopefully more will open when everything is all done. It seemed that the Thai take away was the most popular out of the 4 shops that opened.


Definitely looking forward to our next visit again, so I can check out some newly opened eateries in the food court.




Where is Market City?

Market City is where to go for shopping! The lower level is where you will find everything cheap. The upper level is for brand names, such as Giordano, Converse, Lonsdale, Esprit, Cotton On and many more.


If you are planning on spending over $88 in here, you will be getting your first 3 hours for free if you park at Wilson’s underground parking. It is literally just under Market City. Find out more here


What do you guys think of the new food court? Leave a comment below.