Golden King 2000

In a small shopping village lies a hidden gem called the Golden King 2000. It is a Chinese restaurant that serves fresh seafood. The restaurant lets you choose what fish or shellfish you would like from their tank and cook it for you. So you are eating something that was alive 15 minutes ago. I remember this restaurant when I first moved in with my girlfriend who used to live in Green Valley at the time. If I can remember, it was about 10 years ago. It was around back then and was popular. Even today, it is still pulling in customers as it gets very packed during the weekend.

Today was not so packed as it is only Tuesday and we got there when it just opened. We were the second customers to walk in. There were two male tradies who just finished their work and decided to grab some Chinese grub. It soon got lively after 30 minutes. Reservation is not really necessary but during the weekend will be to ensure seating availability. 


We came here with our niece and nephew because their parents were on their anniversary date. Decided to take their kids with us to eat, which was fun. The kids can be quite a handful when their parents are around, but when they are with us, they are pretty well behaved. Anyway lets get to the food we ate.

Nephew was so picky and didn’t know what he wanted. Sounds like us sometimes right, he finally decided on garlic prawns after 10 minutes of arguing. It was very nice indeed. When those prawns and garlic hit the hot plate, it was very theatrical. The smoke in your eyes, the smell of garlic getting fried and the sizzle makes it exciting for me to eat it. I could not wait to dig into it. First bite of the prawn was a delight. Seasoned well, cooked right and a bit of smoke flavor was something any picky 8 year old should eat. I loved it and so did our nephew. I took photos of the dishes but I am embarrass to add it. It’s just out of focus and nothing the photoshop can do. I only had one good photo, that is the steamed fish fillet with bean curd. For reference, I will have to, I apologize. Watch the video of the garlic prawn instead.

Combination rice Noodle

combination fried rice

Our niece opted for her favorite and always orders, the combination rice noodle. It was cooked quite nicely. The vegetables wasn’t over, it still had a bit of crunch to it. The proteins were perfect, beef was still tender and prawns was just right. The noodles also had that wok hei essence to it. It was wonderful to eat. Again, I apologize for the quality.

Honey Chicken

Yen ordered the honey chicken and that was not nice. It was sickeningly sweet and was very soggy. That’s all I have to say about it. Just don’t order this dish from here.

honey chicken

Steamed Fish with Bean Curd

I ordered my favorite dish from here, the steamed fish with bean curd. As always everything is perfect. A very balanced dish. The soy sauce, shallot, ginger, and some kind of oil which I can’t really tell melds beautifully. All dishes come out in big portions. So at the end of the feast we were stuffed. I normally eat dessert but not tonight. 

golden king 2000

Overall it was a great dinner. The bad was only the honey chicken. If you live around the area, it’s time to try Chinese. And the best way to start is Golden King 2000.

Golden King 2000