My sister bought me a Groupon voucher for a 7 course meal at Crane Bar Sydney 6 months ago for my birthday. I just found the voucher yesterday and realized it expires tomorrow! Quickly grabbed the phone and made a booking for two at 12pm. The lady was quite cheerful and said that it’s a bit late and you need at least 24 hours notice to book. Knowing that this voucher is worth more than $50, I turned on my sweet charm. I basically just sweetened, buttered her up and pleaded to get a booking. Oh my god, it worked! Booked at 12 pm for lunch.

We got there quite early because I was so hungry. The door was still closed and they weren’t letting anyone in so we just went for a bit of a walk to alleviate the hunger. That didn’t work because all we could see was restaurants and people eating. Decided to just wait outside the Crane Bar front door like lost puppies. 

Finally someone opened up the door, that was the longest 5 minutes of my life. A man greeted us, forgot his name, he did mention it. He was quite tall and has a friendly smile. There was no one there so he asked us where we wanted to seat. We decided to sit at the outside lounge where there are seats made for Kings and Queens. The ceiling was glass and see through. There were plants around us and at the top. Felt like we were in a greenhouse. 


First course was a salad sashimi in a wine glass. They also served us edemame which I liked. Edemame was flavorsome, certainly tasted salt and olive oil. The sashimi and salad was quite fresh. Five minutes later, we received our third and fourth dish already. We barely started on the first and second course. Anyways, whatever, so I said. 

 crane bar

We moved onto the third and fourth course without finishing the first and second. The third course was a chicken karaage with wasabi mayo. Fourth one was a pork siu mai. The karaage was very tender and crispy. The wasabi mayonnaise did a great job of cutting through the fat. I liked the karaage  very much. The pork siu mai was just average, I have had better. 

crane bar


Next courses were the gyoza and chili crab sushi. Again there wasn’t a stand out dish. The sushi had some bite to it but it wasn’t spectacular. The gyoza tasted like it should but there was no really wow factor. To be honest I have never had a gyoza that really take me to another world. Maybe some of you might like it though. 

The last dish was deep fried vegetables. This was very nice, seasoned and battered just right. Crispy battered vegetable is the only way to get your daily vegetable intake. Some of you might be gasping right about now. Tomato, tomaetoe… I would have like some lemon to cut through the fattiness of the oil though.

Crane Bar, overall, felt like we were in a greenhouse with massive over grown royal chairs. The food was average with 2 dishes as a stand out for me. Which was the edemame and the chicken karaage. I can’t comment on price because we ate for free! 



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