Located in Capitol Square, surrounded by savory restaurants, lies Charlie Rabbit Dessert Bar.

Whether you are a full blown lover of chocolate or green tea, you can get your fix here.

A single serving can be considered a serving for two people, justifying the cost of the dishes.

Not extremely cheap but affordable enough.

Where did Passionflower go?

Passionflower used to occupy this space, which was another dessert bar. It was a place to take your High School bae’s back in the early days. Very popular among the young generations. 

Where did it go? It is now replaced by Charlie Rabbit. 


Charlie Rabbit

Sounds like a cartoon character that went down a rabbit hole. I don’t really know  how they came up with that name but it sounds very anime.

It is mainly a dessert bar but they also do breakfast and lunch. The lunch menu choice is limited to a burger and meatball pasta. But, we didn’t come here for lunch, this place is to enjoy some sweet time.

There are other great restaurants just around the corner if you want proper lunch. 


To me, a cafe/dessert bar/brunch stop should feel like a comfortable place to socialize with friends, a place to relax and unwind.

Charlie Rabbit has a very nice relaxing warmth. Lighting was just right, decor makes you feel like you are down in a rabbit hole.  

The tables and chairs were very relaxing and comfortable. I can see myself just on my laptop editing away with a good cup of coffee.

It has a great vibe to it that just makes you want to stay all day if possible. I don’t even know if they had free wi-fi. I’m pretty sure they do, most cafes provide them nowadays.


Service was very prompt and friendly. The team working that day were quite young, and this showed in their service. Very energetic and fun team.

Our waiter/s were generally happy and friendly. Answered our questions with good knowledge and polite manner. 

We asked what is their popular dish here and what is in that Matcha Mania dessert. He promptly answered and explained to us in detail what was it was in that Matcha Mania.

The Food

They have the usual breakfast options, eggs benedict, toast, pancakes and waffles. The simple honey toast is the one I wanted to try but really we couldn’t fit anymore in.

We opted for just dessert, the Matcha Mania. Which looked really healthy, it was green and it was Matcha.

Matcha is a concentrated form of Green Tea, made into a powder. If one cup of green tea contain a lot of cancer fighting goodness, imagine how much a concentrated green tea powder has.

We didn’t wait too long after the waiter took our order. It came out and put down on the table with a smile. 

charlie rabbit

I could not wait to dig into that green Matcha goodness. The first bite I took was the brownie, it was cakey and a little dry. I could taste bitterness from it, same thing goes for the sauce.

You know it’s Matcha just by looking at it. Eating it, will have you screaming Matcha.

The marshmallows and red beans provided some much needed sweetness. The bitterness of the green tea is quite pronounced.

The balanced was leaning more, not only a little, but a lot, towards bitter. I am very much a sweet tooth, so you will understand why I didn’t like this dessert. 

The bitterness was just too much for me and even the sugary sweet marshmallow was not enough to balance it out. 

If you are the type of person that actually loves the bitter taste then maybe you will love this one. 


I’d recommend the Matcha Mania, as mentioned above, if you love that bitter taste and cancer fighting properties of green tea. I mean, be healthy and have your cake too right.

There are so much more I would like to recommend but I have to try them first. 

Really nice place for dates or to catch up with friends and family. 


Where is Charlie Rabbit Dessert Bar?

It is quite easy to find, it’s just inside the Capitol Theatre. It’s not a big building, there are only six shops on the ground level and only one is a dessert bar. You can’t miss it.

12/730-742 George St, Haymarket NSW 2000

What’s your favorite dish in Charlie Rabbit?