Aquacotta serves the locals flavorsome Italian flavors, with great service to boot. 

Generously topped Bruschetta, creamy Fettuccine Boscaiola, soft crusted Supreme pizza, two glasses of their house wine and two servings of gelato.

All this for $44.00.

Aquacotta Ristorante at Groupon

Vouchers are money savers

We purchased this deal at and we saved heaps! 

Our meals and prices. Click here for their latest menu.

  • Bruschetta Della Casa $14
  • Woodfired Supreme Pizza $22
  • Fettuccine Boscaiola $18
  • 2 Gelatos $16
  • 2 House Wines $14

Total is equal to $84, we bought the Groupon voucher for $44. This gives us a saving of $40. That is massive, it’s almost half price!

I suggest you guys start using coupons on your next eats.


We came in really early at about 5:20 PM, thinking they are still close because their website says that they open at 5:30 PM. 

Thank god they were open and letting customers in early, I was starving.

First thing I saw when I walked in was this massive woodfire oven and probably the chef in front of it. Most likely making dough and getting his toppings ready.

There was no one to greet us at the door. They were probably busy setting up as we came in just before their opening time.

After a few seconds, the manager, came to greet and seated us.

He was very courteous and very well mannered.

Plenty of room for big groups, it is an Italian restaurant after all. You don’t have to worry about that. Preferably book in advance as always with big number of people.


I asked for the house wine and this is what he gave me. It’s almost full to the brim, very generous serving.

I took a big sip before taking the photo. 

The Fettuccine was really creamy, the basil kept things a little bit fresh. 


Oh I almost forgot the Bruschetta, it was our entree. We were given two Brushcetta Dela Cassa. 


It had really generous topping of tomatoes with a heap of olive oil, just the way I like it. The acidity of the tomatoes really stands out while chopped basil gives it freshness.

The Supreme pizza felt light and not overwhelmingly creamy as a Supreme pizza should.

Ham, bacon, mushroom, olives, pineapple works well together but I wanted it to be more punchy.

Just a bit more cheese topping would really make it sing.


Dessert time! My favorite part of every meal. 

Instead of ordering the two servings of Gelato, $16, we decided to just order one serving of Sticky Date Pudding, $12. It is Winter in Sydney, who wants a cold dessert in Winter?

sticky date pudding

Inside the pudding is a hot melted chocolate which oozes out when you cut into it. The butterscotch was quite pronounced and the bits of strawberry cuts through the creaminess.

Would have been better with 2 or 3 strawberries as it was quite rich. Other than that, it was to my liking.


Our experience in Aquacotta was very nice. Wonderful, courteous staff, generous servings and affordable. 

Getting a coupon from Groupon before eating out is a real money saver. In our case, it was a huge saving. 

Well recommended, provided you get a voucher for a huge discount.


Where is Aquacotta?

Aquacotta is located in the corner of Hoxton Park and Flowerdale Road. You can enter via Hoxton Park Road or from Frangipane Avenue.