Looking for the best Malaysian food in Sydney? This place is so busy almost all the time. More busy than that fancy looking restaurant next to it. Doesn’t look much but don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

malaysian food in sydney

Who would have thought that a place for good Malaysian food existed in Campsie. Sorry I lied, it’s not a full Malaysian restaurant but a fusion of Chinese. But keep reading because I guarantee you will have the best Curry Hotpot! Yep, it’s a hotpot curry.

Upon entry, we were seated straightaway. It was pretty empty when we got there. Time was 11:45. One great sign a restaurant is good, is how many customers they have. So at this stage, I wasn’t expecting great food. 

The waiter took our orders quickly and it came out in a timely manner. I ordered beef rendang with soya bean   milk to drink. The soy milk helps to quench the spiciness. My companions ordered the sambal king prawn eggplant hotpot. The prices on their website has since risen by about $9 by the time of this writing.

At 11:58 this magnificent dish came out, the beef rendang.best sydney restaurant

This dish was so good! The beef was quite tender, great balance of flavor and the spice was just right. You can certainly taste and chew all the herbs that were used in the sauce. The vegetables on the side help with the spice and of course always have it with rice.

By this time, the restaurant started buzzing. All seats were almost filled and a random stranger was seated next to us. We had a big table for 4, paralleled to a table for 2. This is the norm in hole in wall restaurants, if you aren’t used to it. 

At 12:05 the sambal king prawn eggplant hotpot landed on our table.

best sydney restaurants

It was huge! No way all of this dish will be eaten today. After eating my beef rendang, I didn’t have enough room to eat this one too. I had to try it. So I just had a little bowl of it. The broth had a great taste, it was certainly yummy. It did lack that sambal punch though. I just wanted a bit more spice to add that extra kick. This is great for non spice eaters. It is very mellow. 

As we got up to pay for the bill, they quickly cleaned the table down and seated another couple. Leaving the restaurant packed full, I was greatly satisfied with my meal. The service was also good, very prompt and friendly, although it was quiet when we got there. Giving this restaurant a big thumbs up! 

UPDATE – 22 APRIL 2017

It’s as busy as ever since the last time we came here. I still recommend what we ordered last time which is the Beef Rendang and the Curry Hotpot. This place really do make the best Curry Hotpot.

We got here for lunch and it was packed as usual. Didn’t order the Curry hot pot nor the Beef Rendang. Oh my gosh, what was I thinking? I guess I wanted to see if they have different dish that is as good. 

They called this dish Special Pork Chop with Rice. I did not like this dish at all. The dish included one sunny side up egg. That was the best part of the dish because it wasn’t covered with that god awful mayonnaise. The sauce was a mixture of store bought mayo, sweet chili sauce and sesame seeds. The tanginess of that mayo was so prominent that it drowned the dish. This dish was a fail for me. I do not recommend this one. 

Although my second visit wasn’t a great experience because of one dish. I will still come back to this restaurant for the best Curry Hotpot in Sydney. Just like any restaurant, there will always be one dish that will fail you. But you will come back to that restaurant because it makes the best dish that you have ever had.

Where is it?

Look out for the ANZ branch in Campsie on Beamish Street. That bank has been there since I first came to Australia in 1992! Anyway, Albee’s kitchen is almost the opposite.