To eat the best Vietnamese food in Sydney one

must travel to Cabramatta

A place to eat the best Vietnamese food in Sydney. Cabramatta used to be the drug capital of Australia. A massive clean up brought the city to where it is today. 


I have seen other cuisines like, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai but they don’t stay open for long. They will be in business for maybe a year and you will see that For Lease or Closed sign soon after.

I think it’s mainly due to the majority of locals here are very bias and likes only Vietnamese food.

The Vietnamese culture is prevalent in this area and they are very picky and proud of their food, especially the old ones.

Some younger generations are more open to other cuisines but most business owners or frequenters of Cabramatta are from the old generation.

They will not try any other dishes other than theirs. I live with Vietnamese people and I can tell you this first hand.


Getting to Cabramatta by car

There are many routes you can take coming from Sydney CBD. If Cabramatta is just going to be the only place in your itinerary for the day, then I suggest you go by train.

Or Cabramatta is just a stop over to your next destination, then rent a car for the day. If you decide to go by car then I suggest you go the M5 route.

My only suggestion is come early, Cabramatta used to be an easy place to get to and find a car park. Cabramatta restaurants will be open all day so no rush. Take your time, enjoy the ride.

With the amount of diverse people that come here and it’s growing popularity, has made it very hard and frustrating place to find a car park!

I’m not just talking about just the weekend, the weekdays are just as bad.

So come early and avoid the stress of finding and fighting for a car park. When I say early I mean before 8am, after 9am, good luck.


Getting to Cabramatta by train

By train, I suggest you go to the Central station, which is the main hub that connects the City Circle line.

At the Central station you will need to get to Platform 19 and catch the Leppington via Granville line or MacArthur via Granville.

Our train system is not hard compared to Japan’s which is extremely confusing, but if you are in doubt you can always ask one of the staff. Check Sydney Train’s timetable to plan you schedule. 

When you are going by train, then you will be needing an OPAL card because the government has faze out the paper tickets from the 1st of August 2016.

To get an OPAL card, if you have just landed, head to the ticket window at the Domestic or International terminal.

You can also try the W H Smith, Relay and Newslink shops inside the airport.

You can top off your card depending on how long you are planning to stay in Sydney. The starting value is from $10 for Adults and $5 for Children.

If you are outside the airport then worry not. You can still buy it from selected newsagencies, 7 Eleven, Woolworths and soon OPAL card machines in train stations.

You can pre-order your OPAL card online too from and have it sent to your hotel. OPAL is going to be the only way to travel via public transport in NSW.


The best Vietnamese food in Sydney

Finally let’s get to the best part, the best Vietnamese food in Sydney!

There are so many Vietnamese restaurants to choose from and they are all very much traditional. Here is our favorite places to eat. 


Braised Fish in Clay Pot – Ca Kho To @Ngoc An

I just have to start with what I had today which is the ca kho to. Which is a braised fish in clay pot.

During my first visit in Vietnam, I tried this dish in a hotel at My tho, it was the best! I couldn’t get enough of it and had it everyday during our time there.

I thought to myself, there are probably better, fancy places which makes this dish. My second visit to Vietnam, I made it a mission to try ca kho to everywhere.

After many disappointing ca kho tos,  I was so happy that we were finally headed to where I first met and fell in love with ca kho to, that is in My tho.

First thing I did when we got there, I ordered two ca kho to for dinner, it was pure bliss.

I have been to many cities in Vietnam, no one else makes it like these guys do. Of course I had the same thing everyday during our stay there.

Coming back home from Vietnam, I searched for ca kho to everywhere.

Then a new restaurant opened in Cabramatta, and of course, we do what we always do and tried it. So we went to  Ngoc An Vietnamese restaurant .

I opened up the menu and to my surprise they are serving ca kho to! I had to actually asked my girlfriend if that is in fact, it.

She confirmed, I almost cried. Of course I ordered it, expensive but I can never find this dish anywhere in Sydney.

Anyone has idea where else I can eat this? Comment below. So it finally came out and this is it!

best vietnamese food

One of my favorite and best Vietnamese food. Look at that beauty!

I was so excited to eat this but it was a disappointment. It has more to do with the fact that I had the very best  of ca kho to back in Vietnam.

The taste is just so different. I really need to get that recipe. This will have to do for now. I’m going to make this dish one day.

There are other dishes here and my foodie companions said that they were great. I’m going to give this a thumbs up and will come back here because of the ca kho. 


Where is it?


Beef Noodle Soup – Pho’ Bo @Pho Phung

For the best beef noodle soup aka Pho’ bo, go to Pho Phung which is located on John Street. After having so many pho dac biets in my life, I have settled on one.

The very best pho dac biet to me is located in a sort of look like a hole in the wall. I think most Cabramatta restaurants look like a hole in the wall. The new restaurants are designed better though.

But who cares about that, all I want is the tastiest and yummiest pho ever. You can find it here in Pho Phung. 

It has a rich broth but not so sticky. Some beef noodle soups are made so fatty that after eating, your lips are all greasy and shiny.

It didn’t do that with this pho. Instead it had a great balance of fattiness and acidity. The lemon does great wonders with balancing the fatty tastes.

What makes this pho’ special is not only the great balanced broth but also the coagulated pig’s blood jelly they add.

It was such a surprise when I ate this because I didn’t know what it was. But it sure tasted great and added a great texture to this dish. 


Things to do in Cabramatta

When you are stuffed from eating the best Vietnamese food and want to work those calories off your sexy body. Time to do some damage!

There is the library, a PCYC club which has a basketball court, the park, the cabravale leisure centre which has a pool and that is it.

Needless to say, in terms of activities, there isn’t much to do here. Do not come here for that, come here for shopping and FOOD!

There are little shops spread around Cabramatta that sells variety of goods.

From Vietnamese traditional outfits, shoes, clothes, kitchen wares, mobile phones. Most people come here for the cheap butchers, vegetables, fruits.

We are a regular in Cabramatta, we come here first for food and secondly, the butchers and green grocers, they are just so much cheaper compared to the big supermarkets.

If you still want to save more, buy from the old ladies lined up on John Street, that sells traditional Vietnamese desserts, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

They make their desserts overnight and sells it the next day. They also have their own fruits and vegetables garden from which they get their produce to sell.

There is also the most popular event which is the Moon festival. If you are here during the month of September then drop in for a great Asian culture celebration.

They sometimes have performances from well known artists, but check here for more details, so you won’t be disappointed.

Come to the Moon festival if you enjoy Asian food and want to see a dragon dance.

If you are staying in Sydney, then chances are you had an eyeful of the moon festival already, but if you can’t get enough, head down to the South West for some more food!

Where’s your favorite place in Cabramatta?