Looking for the best Thai food in Sydney is certainly hard. There certainly are a lot of them, hundreds of them alone are in Sydney CBD. There are more located outside of Sydney.

Thai food to me is a mixture of sour, bitter, sweet, salty and spicy. Most of the time it is spicy, of course you can say you don’t want too much spice. But, I found out during our visit in Thailand that there is no such thing. Ask for no spice and I guarantee that it will be hot.

The best Thai food has to be well balanced. Hint of sour, sweet, salty and spice equates to the best Thai food. You will not have trouble finding Thai food in Sydney, specially in the CBD. They are everywhere, just walk a block and you will find one. This is good for customers as competition is plenty and vying for our business will make them try to create better food, services or even better cheap prices. 

We have been to many Thai restaurants and sometimes it’s hard to choose which one has the best Thai food in Sydney. We had two favorites, one was in the Sydney CBD and the other was located in Fairfield, south west of Sydney. The one in Fairfield had the best Pad Thai ever in Sydney. Sadly the family ran business sold it and of course the chef was their relative and was gone too. The food there do not taste the same anymore and we have abandoned it. I crave for that Pad Thai. I go to different Thai restaurants and order Pad Thai just to find the best but sadly nothing compares. So I am left with just one best Thai food in Sydney.

The ‘New’ Thainatown

Located on Goulburn St., New Thainatown previously called Thainatown is my other favorite.

best thai food in sydney

It’s under new management hence the name change. The chef was changed too but the food is somewhat still the same. Still producing great Thai dishes and at affordable prices. My favorite dish which I drive all the way to Sydney CBD for is called the boat noodle soup. Rice noodles with blended blood jelly and herbs. Soup base with pork or beef balls, meat and Chinese broccoli. You guys have to try this.

best thai food in sydney

Although the prices have gone up a little bit. We still come here for some great soup, nice Thai fried rice, hot green curry, Pad Thai and good service. You can watch the cooks do their thing in an open kitchen. It’s always great when restaurants do this. Something to look at while waiting for your order and they can’t hide. 


You can find their website, contact information and all that stuff here.

Update 16 April 2017

Came back after the change of management to try if their Pad Thai is the same. I really loved their balance of sweet and sour. I tend to love more of the sweeter side but what they had was my favorite. Not very sweet, not salty, just right.

new thainatown

The restaurant’s busy ambience remains the same. Major change would be the logo which they added the word ‘new’. The New Thaina Town is born.

We ordered curry puff filled with sweet potato for entree and of course the Pad Thai for main. Curry puff had a generous amount of filling and the pastry was so crumbly and brittle. The contrast of soft filling and crunchy pastry was a delight, each bite.

Pad Thai is not the same but OK

Pad thai was not the same but still a good dish. It was closer towards the salty side than sweet that i am used to. Can definitely taste bits of sour and sweet. Salty taste was more prominent. Great balance of sweet and sour but maybe it was sprinkled a pinch more of salt than usual.


The noodles was quite al dente and the chicken cooked well with some caramelisation. There were also tofu, beansprouts, dried shrimps, garlic chives and chili. 

best thai food

I was looking through the dish and I could not find any peanuts. Was going to ask for assistance but took a bite instead. As i chew there was this familiar texture and tasted like peanuts. Then I realized that the peanut was grounded and mixed. Hence I could not find it just by looking for it. The peanut added some hard texture to the softness of the noodles.

Best thing is the price has only gone up by $1 and it is now only $9.90. Still cheaper than most Thai restaurant around the Thai Town area. The New Thainatown is one of the best cheap Thai eats in Sydney.

Where is your best Thai food in Sydney?

I am sure you have your own favorite go to place for Thai food. Why don’t you leave a comment below and let everyone know and me of course so I can try it. I will definitely change my recommendation if it is the best Thai food in Sydney. ‘Til then, bye!

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