Looking for the best sushi in Sydney? We found the one and it’s located in the CBD. They have lots of variety to choose from and are all made fresh in front of you. Best of all it tastes great and so cheap! Great taste and cheap price is what makes food the best. Expensive restaurants doesn’t necessarily mean great tasting dishes. 

Let’s get this sushi party started!

Best Sushi in Sydney at Sushi Rio

We always walked past this sushi place every time we go to Darling Harbour and never actually went in. One day we craved sushi and was in Sydney. Our best sushi in Sydney was located in Chatswood at the time. We didn’t want to travel there because we had to do something in Sydney that day. 

So in we went and were greeted by a loud eerashymasay which means welcome I think in Japanese. There were a lot of people that day and had to wait in the queue for about 5 minutes. They will ask your name and how many people. The waiting area is quite cramp and there was only 4 seats available. There were 10 people waiting altogether including us. Had to wait outside because I had to, we didn’t fit in there. 

Choice of seating that day was none because it was all occupied. There are two choices to sit. The side area where there is a table and 4-6 chairs for those wanting their own space. If you are lucky you will get to sit in those. I know what you are thinking, why would you sit away from the food? I will get to that later. The other is the sushi train seats.  We were finally seated, didn’t get the side tables and were separated because there were 7 of us. There weren’t enough empty seats. 

The Menu

Their menu consists of mainly Sushi but you can order some side dishes, all for $3.50: Chicken Karaage, Edamame, Takoyaki, Agedashi Tofu, Crumbed prawn, 3 pieces of Gyoza and Soft Shell Crab. We recommend the crab and the Karaage. 

They have Donburi which basically means bowl. All Donburis costs $7.80:

Raw Salmon, Grilled Salmon, Mixed Sashime and Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe Don.

Their drinks menu from cheapest to lowest: 

$1.50 Hot Green Tea

$2.50 Spring Water

$3.00 Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Lift, Ginger Ale

$3.20 Calpis Water

$3.50 Sparkling Water, Iced Green Tea, Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Passionfruit Orange & Apple Juice, Raspberry & Apple Juice

$4.50 Ramune Soda

There is a $2.00 BYO Corkage Per Glass.

And of course the sushi which are all $3.50:

Salmon, Salmon with Onion, Tuna, Scallops, Scallops, King Fish, Squid, Clam, Beef Tataki, Scampi, Prawn, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Scallops, Spicy Grilled Squid, Spicy Grilled Prawn, Grilled Eel, Grilled Eel Egg. There are so much much more. 

Our favorite dishes to order

For some sides, get the crab, karaage with edamame.

If you are like me that loves Salmon, order any Salmon dish. Also go for the scallops, we like ours grilled. Pair it with an umami packed miso soup and you are all set for the day. 

Japanese service is awesome!

The service we had each time was pretty good. We were always greeted with a loud welcome from everyone. That really does give you a Japanese vibe. The host always treated us with respect. Waiting time was never absurd, it hasn’t gone over the 15 minutes mark yet. 

A regular Sushi Rio customer’s tip

We have never waited for a seat no longer than 10 minutes, so no bookings necessary. Consider so if you have a big group to be certain and avoid long wait for seats. 

Do not take sushi from the train, conveyor. Always, always order via their ordering system. They used to have a manual pen and paper ordering system. Which you write down the number, quantity and hand it to one of the staff. Recently they installed an ordering tab in front of you. Sometimes it glitches though so just let the staff know and order manually. 

best sushi in sydney

Always order your dish because the sushi on the train may have been there all day and won’t taste as a freshly made sushi. When you order it, they will make it right in front of you. This is the reason why you don’t have to sit close to the train. Having a table to yourself is more relaxing and comfortable.

Where is Sushi Rio?

You guys won’t miss it, it’s right in the corner of Sussex and Liverpool Street. Refer to map below for reference. You can check out their reviews here or check their location below.


April 14 2017

So we stopped by today to grab a bite and it was packed as usual. They are now charging $3.00 for the sushi on the train while the prices remain the same at $3.50 when it’s made to order. Guess there are more people grabbing plates off the train than ordering. I still ordered mine though and it was delish! Also those little tablets were working 100% today, it still takes a long time to load though.