Looking for the best ribs in Sydney?

Waterfront Grill Darling Harbour serves the best ribs in Sydney for sure. It is not extremely cheap but it’s not expensive either. Something in between, it’s an averagely priced restaurant right by the harbor. 

We come here to celebrate an occasion most of the time. They started doing discount vouchers about a year ago and that is when we fell in love with their food. A regular now for almost a year. 

Pork ribs please.

Every time that we come here, I end up ordering the same meal. Don’t really know why, because they offer some nice dishes on the menu. I order the pork ribs every single time. It is pretty tender, not expensive and the sauce is quite tasty. It’s not too sweet, as most ribs sauce tends to be. Their sauce, they got right. 

best ribs in sydney

It’s always exciting when I see the ribs gets place on the table, especially when I am really hungry.

The other dishes didn’t really stand out for me. It will be good but the ribs just keeps me coming back. 

For dessert, I recommend the home made chocolate pudding. If you are like me, who likes rich dessert then you must get this. Rich and delicate. Cutting through the center reveals a warm melted chocolate that will make you go yum.

They are always helpful and attentive. Our experience so far have been very pleasant. There weren’t any rude staff, orders came out on time and service was friendly. No complaints. 

If you are not in it for the ribs, then watch the view.

It’s a really great place to eat a nice meal by the harbour. At the moment, there is a big rotating Ferris wheel right in front of the restaurant. It has been there for 2 years now. I don’t think it will be going anytime soon. Behind it is the Harbor and to your left is the Darling Harbor Bridge. A great place to see the Sydney Vivid Lights when it is on. 

Here is a quick video of what’s in front of Waterfront Grills. 

A little pricey but….

Although the pricing aren’t the best, great staff, great ribs and a great view makes this place a favorite.


Give them a buzz here. Sometimes they are pack in the weekends for dinner. Other times are much more flexible.