I ate the crispiest and best pork belly in Sydney today. It is located in a main road, Hume Highway. Hardly no one or anyone walks around this area. Despite the fact that there are hardly people walking in this area. The cafe was buzzing after only 30 minutes from opening. This little modest cafe is called Mumma Phan. 

best pork belly in sydney

Mumma Phan is half Polynesian

When my sister in law told me that it is called Mumma Phan, I thought Asian cafe. I was half right because the cafes theme is half Asian and half Polynesian. 

best pork belly in sydney

As the graffiti suggests, there is an influence of Polynesia and Asian. Entering the venue only solidifies that it is influenced by 2 completely opposite cultures.

Eat, shop, drink.

There are banh baos displayed right in the middle of the cafe in a heated food storage. Banh bao’s just a pork or kind of protein or vegetable wrapped in a ball bun. They also serve banh mi and pork rolls. Banh mi’s a baguette mostly eaten with a stew for breakfast. 

The other counter contained taros, glazed pork and varieties of meat. There are products which you can buy in a New Zealand and Vietnam grocery stores. The other side is where they serve cafe, order and pay for your meals. 

It is a cafe where you can eat your fill, have some coffee to give you a boost for the day then buy takeaways for home.

Mumma Phan has the best pork belly in Sydney

I asked my brother in law if he has been here before. He nodded and said plenty of times. He recommended that the best dish here is the pork belly. They sell the pork belly by kilo. You can ask them to just serve you a bit or buy a whole kilo for, please don’t quote me, I think $28. 

I didn’t listen and ordered me a big brekky. My brother in law wanted to eat it and ordered just half a kilo. So glad he did because now I found the best pork belly in Sydney. 

best pork belly in sydney

Very well seasoned, very tender and so crispy! The skin was so brittle while the meat would melt in your mouth. That is how tender the meat was. They have cooked that meat with love and precision. It is very hard to keep a tender and juicy meat and have a crispy skin. Well done Mumma Phan, please tell me your secret. Oh my goodness that pork belly! Can’t wait to go back again!

Mumma Phan’s contact information

They don’t have a website but check out their facebook fan page here.