Who wants to know where to find the best pie in Sydney? Chances you are looking for one. Pies can be either bland, soggy, hard or just plain disgusting. I have had my shares of pies that can make you wish you had a vomit bag. No it never happened, I don’t waste food. 

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We travel for the best pie in Sydney

It was such a lovely day and I have the sniffles. Wanting to clear my nose from the unrelenting attack of the runny nose, we headed to Blue Mountains. You know fresh air with the trees and all. The drive took us almost one and a half hour. That didn’t worry us because we love the drive and watching scenery go by from our car. Ok, the main reason is food! 

Got recommended by a friend to come and try the pies at Mountain High Pies located in Wentworth Falls. When someone recommend us the best food they had. We simply have to, must try it! So there we are driving along the Hume Highway enjoying fresh air and the scenery. There was a few bit of traffic but wasn’t too bad.

We got there around 10’sh AM and found that there wasn’t much people. There was about 2 people outside and 6 people in. Luckily we ordered as soon as we could because more and more people kept coming. Get there early if possible but if you don’t, it’s no biggie. It won’t be crazy as waiting for a Disney Land ride.

Order the big brekky for a hearty meal

This pie that we ordered was the bomb. Just check out the photo below. It just blew up.

best pie in sydney


Doesn’t that look so scrumptious! Look at the vibrant green of that herb on top. Those crusty potato mash around it and that red sauce that oozes out when you cut into the pie. There is also an egg right on top of it that when sliced, it gives a theatrical effect when that yoke come out slowly like a lava.

I know pies should be eaten with your hands but man this pie was messy. Imagine holding that thing when that egg yoke and that funky tomato sauce oozing. It will cover your hands all the way down to your elbows. You really need to eat this with a spoon and fork or a knife. Don’t really need a knife but the spoon or fork is important. You can still eat it using your hands if you don’t mind the mess. You have been warned.

The best Pie in Sydney needs no sauce

Cutting into the pie reveals a whole lot of different ingredients. Inside was a chorizo, that wasn’t expected and baked beans. There was a bacon, on top was a poached egg, hollandaise sauce and a mashed potato around it. Herbs was also added on top, to be honest I don’t know what it was. No tomato sauce needed because of the sauce that was inside. It wasn’t a tomato sauce that came from a bottle. It is mixed with other herbs and not just a tomato on it’s own. 

Eating all this in one bite can be dangerous. Your jaw might lock and won’t go back. But I advice you to eat them all in one bite. If you eat each component by itself, it won’t taste the best. Each ingredients compliment each other.

The acidity of that sauce is mellowed down by that creamy egg on top. The mashed potato and crumbly crust goes well with the salty bacon and kransky. The bit of herbs on top gives a little bit of freshness. It was indeed an exceptional breakfast, a big breakfast in a  pie.

The cost of eating the best pie

It wasn’t too expensive, considering it is the best pie in Sydney. The big breakfast pie only cost $8.50. My cappuccino cost $4.50 for a regular. Also ordered some sweets which was quite nice. A salted caramel meringue and a custard tart. The meringue was $3.00 and the custard tart was $3.60. I recommend them both if you are a sweet tooth like me. 

Pie is enough for a big fella almost

Man, I was so stuffed after eating that pie and those sweets. I could barely walk but the day was not over. Still had to walk to Wentworth Falls. Having a big appetite can really be a problem. Sometimes I over eat and can’t barely move afterwards.

True story, the worst was when I was younger and ate a lot for dinner. Staggered to walk to the couch and laid down. My stomach was bloated and could not move. It took literally 2 hours for me to be able to breathe properly. Grandma almost called the doctor on me.

Somehow I never vomit though, no matter how hard I ate. Lucky I guess? 

This pie will surely satisfy the biggest of hunger. You can call me a glutton, I can eat more than most. Once a friend of mine told me that if I eat anymore he would vomit just watching me eat. 

It is definitely worth the money and you will be content with the size and taste of the big breakfast pie. Highly recommended. 

Where is the best pie in Sydney

Like I said it took us almost 1 1/2 hour to get there. It is called the Mountain High Pies in Wentworth Falls. If you are coming from Sydney then the place will be to your right and vice versa when you are coming from Katoomba. The frontage looks empty and can be easily missed. The actual entrance is from the back/side of the house. Turn into Mitchell Street and there will be an entrance that will lead you to Mountain High Pies. 

There are lots of parking, assuming the whole village doesn’t come when you visit. Yes, lots of locals come here, not just us tourists. That’s why they have been around for so many years because locals love them. 

293 Great Western Hwy, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782

(02) 4757 3737

  • 6am–4pm
  • 6am–4pm
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