I have found the best Pho in Sydney! Been to countless Vietnamese restaurants and eaten many Pho’s but I have never had the one that would hook me. This Pho Dac Biet at Pho Phung, located on the main street of Cabramatta is the best Pho in Sydney that I have ever eaten!

Walking around Cabramatta as usual on John Street. There was unusually a lot of people. Even for Cabramatta, it was too much people walking on John Street. Today is Anzac Day, I am guessing that this is the reason why people flock to Cabramatta. As the shops here stays open no matter what holiday it is. Only time shops close is the Lunar New Year.

There are still a lot of restaurants I have not tried here in Cabramatta. Reason being is that I get cravings and I will always go to that specific restaurant that makes it. Hence I don’t get to eat at so many restaurants. I wasn’t really craving for anything that day and saw Pho Phung. I have never eaten there before so I thought maybe it is time.

I’m not going to review the whole restaurant experience. I’m just going to highlight the best Pho I have ever had. 

This is the best Pho in Sydney

best pho in sydney

Look at the colors in that Pho’, so vibrant, so green and looks so fresh! When it came down, it looked like any other Pho. At a glance it had coriander, onions, shallots, beef and the meatball.

I proceeded to add the usual, bean sprouts and the mint leaves. Digging and mixing through the big bowl of Pho’ I have found some other great accompaniments. There are the stripes and tendons. Mixing some more, I found something unusual. 

What the Pho is that!?

best pho in sydney

What the Pho is that? That black thing in the middle of the soup. This was very unusual for me. I’ve never come across this in all of my bowl of Pho’s and I have had heaps. It is some sort of sausage. I was almost afraid to eat it but hey I am up for anything and I will give anything a try. 

I had second thoughts and put it aside for now.

The best Pho needs no sauce

First let me taste the broth. Most people usually just drop every condiments in their bowl of Pho without even tasting it. I taste mine first and will put sauce if needed.

When that liquid touched my tongue, it was heaven. Oh my god that broth had so much flavor and depth. I don’t know what they have done but my tongue likes it! This is the second time that I never needed any sauce in my bowl of Pho. The first time was in Vietnam. 

I could not get enough of that broth. It was like the first time, having sex, can’t stop, wont stop. I guess it’s still the same, even now. Jokes aside, putting all the ingredients together and gulping it down in one slurp is just such a beautiful experience. Anyone should experience what I am feeling right now. I was in ecstasy. 

What the Pho is that!? Part II

Since this is the very best Pho in Sydney. I needed to try every component of the dish right. You can’t just say it is the best Pho in Sydney but one disgusting ingredient in it. 

It is finally time to try that black sausage like thingy. I was shaking while carefully putting it in between my chopstick. I closed my eyes and took a bite. It was soft but not too soft. Chewing it reminded me of blood jelly but very rough not like a smooth jelly. I asked the wait staff and she said it is blood jelly.

Oh my god it was a pork blood jelly sausage with mint and some other things I couldn’t name. It was such a yummy blood jelly sausage. I think I could eat it by itself, but only one slice though. They gave me two!

Eating it with everything, the noodle, beef, vegetables and all things I mentioned before was so beautiful. It was just right, everything melded together like honey and peanut butter. 

Best sauce to enhance your Pho

The best sauce to accompany your Pho is not the usual black or red sauce, you know what I am talking about. If you don’t, then it is the chili sauce and the sweet soy sauce.

No not them, the best is a Satay sauce and fresh chili. Nothing beats a natural fresh chili. The satay sauce and fresh chili can be added to your bowl of Pho or as a dip. 

best pho in sydney

Of course you can add the sweet soy sauce to balance out the flavor if you want. This was just my recommendation and how my taste buds like. If you like adding the black and red then go hard. Please satisfy your taste buds.

Best Pho in Sydney 

I am happy to recommend that this restaurant makes the best Pho in Sydney. It was such a wonderful experience eating their Pho. They probably put something addictive in it because I am hooked. 

Where is the best Pho in Sydney

Pho Phung

117 John Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166

(02) 9726 7442