I have found the best muffins in Sydney! It all happened by chance. After having the best sushi in Sydney at Sushi Rio, we headed to Oxford Street to visit a friend. 

Got there found a car park and we walked by this place called the Swiss Bakerz. It had nice display of sweet goodies for us to oogle at. Is that even a word? Having a sweet tooth, I could not or we could not resist ourselves from going in and having a quick bite with a cup of coffee.

best muffins

Swiss Bakerz have been around for almost 2 years now and I have never heard of them before. They bake fresh everyday and uses local ingredients. I had a look at their menu and it seems that they don’t only serve desserts but also breakfast and lunch.

They serve this Swiss National Dish called the Rosti. It was the first time I have heard of it. Apparently it used to be eaten for breakfast but evolved to being just a side. Commonly accompanied by spinach or fried eggs sunny side up. There are now many variations of this dish and rumored to have originated from France. A Rosti is made up solely of grated potatoes and can be mixed with bacon, onions or herbs, depending on the region. Starts from $8.90 for a plain Rosti to $14.90 for the Basel which composes of smoked salmon using fruitwood, sour cream and chives.

This is what they are serving here which I personally haven’t tried. I will definitely come back for that here. For the rest of the menu click here.

Snug and comfy

Walking in the tiny shop we were thinking where can we sit. There was literally 2 small tables and one long one. If you are looking for somewhere roomy, this is not it. Or you may have a big group then you might not get a seat. If you are lucky though and the seats are free, it can be very comfortable and warm. Great in the cold winter. 

Beyond the tables and chairs is where the magics happen, the bake house. You can see everything what goes on in there. Talk about being open. 

The best blueberry muffin I have had

I didn’t know which to order as they had some desserts I had never seen. I always want to try new things. Could not decide on which to order, I wanted something I never had before. But the people behind me and the staff waiting to take my order affected my judgement and just ordered a Blueberry muffin. Regrets!

best muffins

Walked back to my table and thought what the hell was that? I gave the muffin a once over and sliced it open with my bread knife. Lo and behold it went through like butter. The top was very almost brittle like that you can easily push the bread knife through it without resistance. The inside was so moist while the crust wasn’t hard. To me it tasted amazing, I just love a muffin that is so moist in the middle while having a crunchy crust. 

best muffins

Paired it with a nice Cappuccino and it was heavenly. The coffee wasn’t something I would say the best but not too bad. It’s good but there was nothing about it that would make it stand out. That decoration looks so good thought doesn’t it. Like a baker artist had done it.

best muffins

Happy staff, happy customers.

The staff were really chirpy and happy while they were serving us. Asking us whether we needed anything else or was it to our liking. They seemed attentive as they were always glancing at our table. There were people waiting to be seated but not once did we feel that they pressured us to leave. Lovely service.

Pleasant experience all around

Everyone of us were satisfied with our desserts. We just needed more, not because the portions were small, but it was just good. So we got some take away muffins for the road and a midnight snack that I’m having right about now. Mmmmmmuffin………

Swiss Bakerz Information

101 Oxford St


NSW 2010

(02) 9361 5643