After a terrible experience at The Hive Cafe, I was so disappointed, my stomach needed to be satisfied. So we headed to the city, only to find the best dumplings in Sydney.

After walking around our favorite marketplace in the city called the Haymarket. We finally got a little  hungry and walked around Chinatown to find something to eat.

In an alley, we found the best dumplings. From outside you can see the staff kneading the dough. I love watching do their thing in the kitchen. Something about it makes me want to eat whatever they are producing. 

Shonky decor

Is shonky even a word? It looks like a hole in the wall the way this eatery is set up. There are tables set up outside with plastic chairs and tables.

We didn’t wait long to be seated, it was lunch time and there were a lot of people. It was almost a pack house but people seem to come and go quickly.

On the way to our table it is like walking on another alleyway to get to the other side. As we walk past, people just stares at me. I think the fact that I was holding a small pocket camera was the reason. Watch the video below, it is so much better for reference.

After watching the staff knead the dough from outside, I really wanted to eat those dough made into dumplings.

So we ordered after seating down on a messy table. Yes it was messy, but I just treated it like I was in Asia. The inside doesn’t really look appealing to anyone. I mean it looks really dirty.

I ordered 10 pieces of fried dumplings and a soy bean drink. It was really noisy in there, luckily I was packing my DSLR with a shotgun mike. Otherwise you wouldn’t hear what Yen had to say on the video. The video is 2 paragraphs up.

The soy bean drink came in a bowl with a plastic soup spoon. I really wish this would just come in a big cup. Imagine spooning that into your mouth when the food gets stuck. Just drop the spoon and drink it from the bowl. That’s how I do  it.

Finally the best dumplings in Sydney

best dumplings in sydney

Then it came, my fried dumplings. It looked glistening in oil, well browned and steaming hot. 

I took a bite and it was juicy. Not overflowing juicy but enough that is not dry. The fried dough added some texture when you put in your mouth and start chewing it. 

The oil is balanced out with the freshness of the herbs that is inside the dumpling. I can’t tell you what it was because I don’t know. It was just a yummy dumpling. A must try for anyone looking for the best dumpling in Sydney. 

Don’t mind the appearance of the restaurant and the loud ambience. Just come here for the freshest house made dumplings.

Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet in Chinatown

As I said it is located in an alleyway inside Chinatown. Just look for an alleyway close to the entrance. The entrance closer to Haymarket.