Hey! We are going to the city to have the best boat noodle soup in Sydney in the New Thainatown!

I have been coming back here just to have this dish for more than 5 years. Still, somehow, tastes the same, regardless of the changes.

Boat Noodle Soup

What is a Boat Noodle Soup? It is a dish concocted by Thai people and it is very flavorsome.

It contains thin rice noodles, pigs blood, pigs liver, pork or beef meat, meat balls, soy sauce, Chinese broccoli and some other herbs and spices that I can’t even name.

The broth is very dark, much like a beef noodle soup and it looks oily but it does not taste like one. 

I am not really sure how they made the soup but I can taste a bit of garlic, some pepper and maybe satay sauce?

Whatever it is, it’s worth the almost one hour drive to the city. It’s what keeps me coming back for more.


The Taste

The smell when it hit the table was so aromatic and I just couldn’t help myself from digging into it. I had to control myself and stop so I can take some photos to be posted on facebook.

Of course, Christian had to take some photos with his big freaking camera. I swear, that guy attracts so much attention. He thinks it’s his looks, but I just laugh and tell him that it’s his massive looking brick of a camera. I have to bring him down a little bit from his high horse.

Ayway, after all the paparazzi has finished taking shots after shots for their facebook, I got stuck into it.

Oh my god! The flavor was so good! This is what I have been longing for since last week. It’s not the fact that I am pregnant, I always crave for this dish even when I am not. 

It is sweet, salty and not too oily. 

The Chinese broccoli had some crunch and those tasty, fatty, pork skin added some texture. 

Just look at how vibrant those leafy greens are on that soup. 


The pork was so tender similar with the meat balls. 

-It was a flavor bomb explosion.


Where is the best Noodle Soup in Sydney?

Finding the best noodle soup in Sydney is hard, with all the many Thai restaurants around Thai Town. Luckily, we been to almost all and this is what I found the best.

Some Thai restaurants don’t even serve this dish. 

I did all the hard work for you by eating it at every single Thai restaurant in Sydney. You can taste this flavor explosion in the New Thainatown, which I, have been going to this place for more than 5 years. 

I don’t know if they change the owners or it’s the same chefs but the flavor has not change so much. This place used to be called just Thainatown.

It is still a bowl of excitement, flavor and just the best boat noodle soup in Sydney, you wont find one better.



Where to park?

You can park in Secure Parking located in the corner of Goulburn and Elizabeth Street.

Weekend rate is only $12 for the whole day, which makes this a cheap car park to stay in Sydney CBD.

You just need to walk a little bit. Think of it as an exercise to reduce the weight that you will gain after food tripping.

Where is your favorite boat noodle soup?