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Best Sydney food? There are so many! How can I describe food in Sydney? If I have to use just one word, it would be diverse. Multiculturalism in Sydney has sprouted different kinds of restaurants. Every culture has been catered for. From popular Chinese, Thai to less known Nepalese, Burmese food. A quick stroll on the CBD streets would have had your eyes hungry and mouth watery from numerous eateries.

There are certainly lots of restaurants to go have yourself a nice meal. I do a lot of traveling around Sydney and I am always on the quest to find our next go to eatery. My choice of restaurants are tasty and affordable. I seldom go to classy, expensive restaurants. The way I eat, it will cost me my weeks wage! Give me an ugly plate that tastes like the best food that you’ve ever had any day.

I know taste buds varies, some people’s yum, could be yuck to others. Recommend us your go to eateries so we can travel there and eat it too. Help us find the best food in Sydney.

Boat Noodle Soup


The best boat noodle soup in Sydney has been found and eaten. I can honestly tell you that I had a great time eating it.  Been to a lot of Thai restaurant in the Sydney CBD the boat noodle soup that they serve here is just a flavor explosion. The impact of aroma when it hits the table will drive you crazy, hungry crazy. It will be hard to resist.

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Best Thai food in Sydney


What I have notice going around Sydney CBD are the amount of Thai food restaurant in one area. Needless to say that we have gone to most of them but we have our favorite. If you feel like Thai food then I suggest you read my post about the  best Thai food in Sydney . I’m sure you will love it too. If you don’t then maybe something changed and I need to go there again and update this Sydney food blog. Feel free to comment on what you think about it or recommend your best Thai food eatery. Help me find the best!

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Best Vietnamese food in Sydney

To find the   best Vietnamese food in Sydney  one must travel further west. What you will find is a mecca of Vietnamese food. The city of Cabramatta is now regarded as the little Vietnam of Sydney. The Vietnamese culture is very prevalent in this area. The majority of Restaurateurs, retail and business owners are Vietnamese. And they all love their food. Come here for some traditional and the best Vietnamese. One of the best places to find the best Sydney food.

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Best Malaysian food in Sydney

best sydney restaurants

I have been eating Malaysian food for almost a month now. Can’t seem to get enough of it. One recommendation from a friend had us screaming MALAYSIAN!! Every time we ask what to eat. The restaurant serves a fusion of Malaysian and Chinese dishes. Those dishes will have you screaming MALAYSIAN!!! too.

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Best Sushi in Sydney

best sushi in sydney

We used to go to Chatswood all the time to have our favorite sushi. They used to make the very best Grilled Scallops for only $3.50. It is now under new management and the food is not the same. Found a new one and it’s in Sydney CBD. They make a great grilled scallops like the ones we used to have in Chatswood but best of all, it’s only $3.50! Cheap and  best Sushi in Sydney .

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Best Ribs in Sydney

best ribs in sydney

What makes a great rib for me is the subtle smokiness of the sauce, great balance of sweetness and saltiness with a hint of pepper. The meat has to be tender but has to also offer a bit of bite. Doesn’t fall off the bone but can easily be separated. This is where I found the  best ribs in Sydney . Hope you love it too. If not, recommend me your restaurant so I can go check it out. I want the best Sydney food.

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Best Muffins in Sydney

best muffins

Look no more! I have found the very best muffins in Sydney. What makes a great muffin? To me is it’s contrasting texture and of course the taste. Taste trumps presentation to me any time of the day. It has to have crunchy crust but not hard, can’t be too soft either. 

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Best Pork Belly in Sydney

best pork belly sydney

The best Sydney food to eat has got to be a crispy pork belly. I have found the crispiest, juiciest, melt in your mouth tender pork belly in Sydney. The best part is located just 15 minutes away from me. The address says Cabramatta but don’t be confused and actually go to the main Cabramatta area. It won’t be there but it’s much closer to Lansvale actually. 

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Sydney Food Pho You

best pho in sydney

Sydney food involves Pho’ pronounced fur with a silent R and it’s one of the most popular dish in Vietnamese cuisine. There are very many varieties of it in Sydney. Finding the best is a daunting task. But I have found it! I have eaten the very best Pho in Sydney. It was on Anzac day, had nothing to do, everything was closed except Cabramatta, as usual. Went to a Vietnamese restaurant because we were hungry. It was a bit cold so I ordered Pho to warm me up a bit. Little did I know that what I am about to eat is the best tasting bowl of Pho I had ever had. 

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Best Pie in Sydney

best pie in sydney

To clear my nose and head we headed to the Blue Mountains. It was such a great day for a drive to the mountains. A friend recommended us this place called Mountain High Pies which apparently makes the best pies and is on the way to Blue Mountains. We could never pass up the opportunity to try the best food someone had ever tried. Of course we tried it and can’t recommend it enough. 

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