Search cheap flight tickets with Iwantthatflight and save hundreds! We have used Skyscanner, Expedia, Cheapoair and even Momondo but none of them beats the cheap prices we were shown in Iwantthatflight. Simply beats the others in prices and has the most sales. 

To be honest, when I first looked at their site, I was skeptical. It looked like someone at home learned the basics of html and started a flight search engine website. That’s how bad it looks, but never judge a book by it’s cover. As we all know, the ugliest person can have the biggest heart and the best personality.

That’s how it is when you first enter their website. Navigation can be a little bit frustrating sometimes but it’s a small price to pay for getting the best deals. They don’t even charge any booking fees, like some other flight search engines.

You can also opt in to join their newsletter so you can be alerted whenever the flight you are searching for is on sale. Another option is to tailor your newsletter based on your base airport. So when the flight you want is available from your preferred airport, you will be notified.

They are partnered with multiple Domestic Airlines as well as International. So you will have plenty of choices if you don’t feel safe or just had bad experience with one.

You might be wondering how I want that flight will save you money. Well let me tell you how, which is very simple really. They compare hundreds of airlines and show which of them are offering the best deals on air tickets. They have variety of sources, it can be the airlines directly or agencies. 

Search Cheap flight Tickets Free

I want that flight charges no hidden fees. They are absolutely 100% free. 

Some people can be flexible with their flight plans. If you are this person, you can take advantage of their calendar view. This will show you when is the best and cheapest flights available.

Go to their website by clicking here. You will also be helping our Australian economy when you use them as they are 100% Australian owned and operated.