Oh man, Tamara is up for elimination again! This time she is cooking against Callan and Sarah. Two of the best cooks in the competition, at this point, everyone is a good cook.

Callan being inventive and out of the box while Sarah gives so much flavor in all her cooking. With Sarah having an immunity pin, Tamara could just be up against Callan.

Lo and behold! Sarah did not use her immunity pin to save herself. Is this going to be a first in Masterchef? For someone to go home without using their hard earned immunity pin? 

Sarah, not using her immunity pin, put her confidence in her modern hot pot. 

Masterchef Sarah Tiong
Image by Daily Telegraph

Tamara cooked a Dumpling with quail egg.

Callan invented a sushi dessert and man did the judges love it

It was genius, tasty and had everyone fishing some more.

They thought it was bonkers, how can a sushi be a dessert? All through the cook they were questioning Callan. 

Their concern is the balance of the dish. Very hard to make a fish taste like a dessert. With it’s subtle fishy taste, slimy texture and just the thought of eating a fish for dessert? It’s mind boggling. 

Innovative or stupid?


After tasting Tamara’s dish after Sarah’s, they all agreed that Tamara’s dish was so much better. They mentioned that this could be the first in Masterchef’s history that someone exited without using their immunity pin.

They all did a great job but the best dish chosen was Tamara. Her best dish so far in the competition and it was delicious. 

Quails perfectly cooked, dumpling was on another level. Tamara almost teared up, while mentioning that the dish was something she shares with her husband a lot. But man, it was close but no tears, she’s one tough cookie.

-It is now between Sarah and Callan.

Sarah went white and is most likely regretting not using her immunity pin and looks really nervous after hearing Tamara took out the best dish.

The judges thought that Sarah’s dish was really bold and tasty. They had never tasted anything like it and it’s a great modernization of the classic Hot Pot.

Callan’s dish was very innovative and makes you curious. Salmon? Dessert? Huh?

They never tasted anything like it, lots of stuff on the plate to make the dish really tasty.

George was bamboozled by the salmon but agreed that it tastes like a dessert.

Gary had a bit of criticism about the roasting of the nori rice and needed to be taken further.

The roasted rice was not as tasty as promised.


That is why, Callan, you are out of the competition.

Masterchef Sarah Tiong has dodged a bullet!

Bye bye Callan Smith, watch out for that name, he is 19, gonna be big one day. Heston Blumenthal big perhaps.

Always with a big smile on his face, he exited Masterchef.

Watch what happened in Channel 10’s Masterchef.