Pyrmont Bridge connects two harbor sides in Darling Harbour. You can call it a shortcut to The Star or Sydney Aquarium, vice versa. 

After a day at the Sydney Aquarium or Wildlife Park, you might want to  see The Star casino which is located on the other side of the harbour.

Walking via Pyrmont Bridge will take you there in a 10 minutes, depending on how fast you are. If you are a big time gambler, then it might take you 2 minutes 2 minutes.

When you are looking for somewhere to eat at affordable prices, I recommend going to Waterfront Grill

Go to the Waterfront if you want a great view of the harbor, especially on Vivid nights. Eat outside the restaurant when those vivid lights come on at night, you will be in for a treat.

What to do?

What you can do in Pyrmont Bridge is relax and watch locals go by you as they live their busy lives, tourists capturing their experiences or be active and walk the bridge.

pyrmont bridge

You can enjoy a cup of coffee while you’re at it. One of the coffee place that sells really nice coffee is Coffee Box Espresso. It is located just at the start of the bridge or end, depending where you are coming from.

Which side of the bridge? Harbourside, The Star Casino and the Australian National Maritime Museum side of the bridge. 

Really great strong coffee here, try the cappuccino, no sugar. Mmmm, once you had a sip, you will be hooked.

There are clubs here which can be expensive and I refer to them as classier clubs than the ones we used to go to when we were younger. These clubs are more for the grown up types and with money.

You can still go to these clubs for a few drinks. More than a few, then you will need some deep pockets. I’d rather spend it on food to be honest but I am not the drinking type.

Below are some of the things we get up to when we come here.


Harbourside Shopping Center

pyrmont bridge

The shopping center at Harbourside, is just OK, pricey at times. We have bought some nice clothes and accessories here at great prices.

Be aware that some souvenir shops here charges 3x more than the ones in the CBD. If you want more variety then I suggest you make the effort to walk up to Pitt Street, George Street or Chinatown.

For those who like to bring back something that will remind them about Australia, I suggest you visit these shops.

Crocodile Stop

They sell lots of crocodile related products like wallets, belts and bags. There are a lot of leather goodies to be had in this shop. Something that is so Australian are Ugg boots, really nice in winter, keeps your toes warm.

Austral Stones

They sell varieties of stones from lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite which are from overseas. The stones they sell from Australia are the malachites, pearls and opals.

Bondi Active & Surf Dive ‘n Ski

Australia has a one of the biggest surf culture in the world. It’s only fitting that they sell surf wears. From bikinis, flippers, waxes to board shorts, look in here or other related shops.

There are other Australian memorabilia and souvenir shops in the center but those three are my recommendations to visit when shopping for nice Aussie things.

For fashion and things, you have Cotton On, Glue, Rubi, Temt, Valleygirl and YD. This shopping center is not the best place to go shopping. It’s just convenient if you are near the area. 

Better and a lot more varieties at Pitt Street.

Where to eat?

There are other things to see and do other than the casino or aquarium. Eateries are everywhere here in the harbour. You just need to walk around and choose.

We recommend going to the following place to have a meal for their great value and good food. Expect to pay more in this area because it is a tourist spot after all.

Waterfront Grill

This is one of our favorite spot for some ribs. They also have pasta and burgers but we come here mainly for the ribs. What we love is the view, you can sit outside and take in Darling Harbour or Vivid Lights which is on for 23 nights between the months of May and June. Check here for the exact times when planning to visit.

In view is the Centerpoint Tower, Pyrmont Bridge and the harbour itself. By the way guys, when I say harbour, I am referring to harbor. We spell it this way in Australia. 

Read more about Waterfront Grill.

There are more but our favorite is Waterfront Grill and is a bit more affordable compared to the other harbour restaurants. Even more so, compared to Blue Fish restaurant. 

Any recommendations where to eat near pyrmont bridge?