There are so many things to do in Taupo and they are fairly close to each other. Taupo is actually the shortened version of the real city’s name Taupo-nui-a-Tia. The name means The great cloak of Tia. Where Tia is the name of the person who discovered the lake.


Taupo holds the largest lake in New Zealand, fittingly named Lake Taupo. 

things to do in taupo


We spent about 10 minutes in this lake until we called it quits. It was just so windy and cold. I didn’t mind the cold but the wind was icy. The icy wind was cutting up our faces left, right and center.


For The Love of Coffee


There was a coffee place just by the lake, just opposite the hotel we stayed at which was Baycourt Lakeside Hotel.


Decided to grab a cappuccino for some energy boost. They actually have a cinnamon flavor, I love cinnamon so naturally I opted for that. I forgot the cost but can’t forget the taste.


As suggested it was cinnamon, it was really prominent. Which I liked and the coffee bean they used was quite sweet and floral in scent but strong. This place would be my go to coffee if I am in the area. They had “Taupo’s Steaming Bean” at the front. I’m guessing that is the name.


Stroll Around Town


Taupo is not a big city but it has plenty to offer. It has major outlets, restaurants, library and souvenir shops. This is where we bought most of our souvenirs that we brought back.


The price wasn’t as expensive compared to Auckland. We bought stuff toys, good quality beanies, shirt, hats more toys. We have plenty of nieces and nephews. One that I love, is that apron pictured above. Hardly use it though, I’m sure one day.


Huka Falls


The Huka Falls is just a quick 10 minutes drive from the CBD of Taupo. From the car park to the waterfall is just a quick 1 minute brisk walk. Something interesting about watching the forces of nature. Gallons of water are being dumped to the bottom of the river at a very quick rate. It’s something that you must experience to appreciate it’s power and beauty. Watch the video to see and hear what I’m blabbering on about.


Craters Of The Moon

things to do in taupo


Wow this place is amazing and it costs only $8 to enter. You get to exercise for free while enjoying a barren and steaming landscape. Surrounding this barren land are vibrant forests.


It took us 30 minutes to walk around the area. You can opt to go on an extra path that will add more distance and time to your walk. We didn’t do this, because we wanted to drive back to Auckland when there is still light.


Anyone can do this walk, even the elderly as it is very easy. There are no steep hills and everything is flat. There are also benches to sit on at certain parts of the path, when you need a break. Bring water with you, it is your friend.


Huka Honey Hive

We wanted to buy honey from New Zealand so we headed out to a place called Huka Honey Hive. These guys sell everything made from honey. There are of course honey, including the most expensive honey, Manuka. Wines, cosmetics, oral care and beer. We bought this and wow it was sweet!


You can also watch bees work for the honey through a glass window. It was quite fascinating and great insight to what happens in their hive. They even make soap, body lotion, cream, I didn’t know you can do so much with honey.


We ended our Taupo trip on a sweet note. Then headed to our next and final destination, Auckland.

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