Things To Do In Taupo

Powerful huka waterfall, the craters of the moon, things to do with honey at huka honey hive and a weird tourist.

Things To Do In Rotorua

From thrilling luge rides, mountain bikes, zip lines to relaxing natural spas. You won’t get bored in Rotorua.

pokarekare ana

Pokarekare Ana

One of the best Maori song that is inspirational and emotional.

new zealand

New Zealand

The beauty of New Zealand certainly surprised us. Stunning landscapes, the glimmering ocean, colorful sunsets and I love how time seems to go slow. All this made me want to stay, but alas, how can I? In time, maybe. Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy every minute reminiscing my time in NZ. The picture above depicts on my view of New Zealand’s ever changing weather in one day.

We visited about five cities in New Zealand during our stay. I shouldn’t really count the fifth one because we only stopped by for Subway. I can’t even remember it’s name. 

It really is a wonderful country. I can go on and on about how or why you should visit New Zealand. You really need to experience the country to appreciate it’s beauty.

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