Josh and Amy have since split since the MKR show and have been living separately. Amy went to live with her friend while Josh stayed at their house. Josh announces that the split was to clear their heads. He also stated that the show was like a pressure cooker. Being together, seeing each other everyday was too much for them. 

mkr josh and amy

Josh MKR’s Villain

You might wonder why Josh is labelled the “Villain”. If you watch MKR religiously, you will know that his antics aren’t funny at all. His jokes are more for bullying than being fun. In his head is probably funny but not to everyone else. Just watch his reaction when he called someone a slut on National TV. 

This is not the only time Josh is being his usual self. The spat between Josh and Court (Court and Duncan) was one of the most awkward moments in MKR history. Josh has no filter on things he says. One of Josh’s comments towards Court was ‘You can’t wait to go back to your job, you shouldn’t even be here.’ You might be wondering why the hatred? New Idea revealed that Josh found, Duncan taking his wife’s name, when they married, very offensive. Apparently they share the same hyphenated surname. Josh took it to heart and said that his family would be so offended.

I would say that the split was inevitable when Amy stood away from her husband after making fun of the contestants, Court and Duncan, in a cook off. Amy was so embarrassed that she couldn’t stand next to him. 

They were always fighting in the kitchen and it showed in their cooking. One of their better cooks was when Amy and Josh were cooking separately. There was no tension, no arguing and bickering. It was quiet, it was head down and just cook scenario.

I think everyone is behind Amy and kind of feel sorry for her. In my opinion, she is better off without him. But we can’t really tell how they are together. It could be normal for them to be arguing all the time. Who knows. They might even get back together. 

One thing for sure though, Josh is sort of a nobhead. 

MKR airs back in Easter Monday, 17th April 2017. Follow My Kitchen Rules.