Who would have thought that Arum Nixon would be in the Final’s week in Masterchef?

No one.

Masterchef Arum Nixon
Image by Dailytelegraph

Seriously, I didn’t even know he existed before the top 12. 

Arum Nixon, 35, a former ballet dancer, loves pub food and makes hearty meals. 

“This dish could not have been further from what I do.” Referring to the dish he made in Masterchef.

Masterchef dishes are a feast for the eyes, nose and mouth. This is why hatted restaurants charge an arm and a leg for a 100 gram piece of dish that look like an art on a plate.

This is what you are essentially paying for, the eye candy dish and flavorful taste.

As some people say, they eat with their eyes. 

Arum Nixon 2017 Masterchef winner?

He could possibly be one of the top three, after tonight’s episode. 

Arum, Tamara and Eliza competed for a guaranteed spot in the finals week.

They had to make the perfect souffle and the winner of that challenge will have the chance to go up against a professional Chef. 

After beating that Chef, they will receive the guaranteed spot in the finals week.

Tamara made a cheese base souffle, Eliza made berry while Arum made vanilla. It was suppose to be something else but he forgot to add it in the end.

When it came to judging, there was no clear winner in taste, there was in the appearance.

That one goes to Arum, whose souffle has rose to great heights, coming straight out of the oven.

All judges were excited about the way the souffle looked. Giving Arum the chance to go straight to finals week.

He has to cook against a professional Chef and win first.

Arum had to choose 10 ingredients out of 20 leaving the professional Chef to use whatever is left. 

Arum played it smart and chose all the best ingredients leaving the Chef with ingredients that doesn’t really go well together.

In the end the Chef produced a “simple dish” declaring Arum the winner and a place in the finals week.

Arum’s Chances

I’d say he has a lot of chance to go all the way. What he needs to do is to cook consistently and better than the rest. Not a very easy thing to do. 

You have Tamara who produces art on a plate. Ben who only gone into one pressure test. Sarah who gives bold flavors. These are strong cooks.

I never really looked at Arum as the one to take it out. Then again, I thought Michelle was going to take it. Anything can happen in the Masterchef kitchen.

With a place in the finals week already, Arum can be the one holding the trophy. 

Just have to wait and see. Watch more at Channel 10’s Masterchef.