Tonight is Karlie’s first time in black, how good is she to have not gone to elimination yet. Unlike Karlie, Diana and Sarah are very familiar with what’s involve in the elimination round, giving them, I guess, a little advantage.

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They had to cook this pearly dish made by Shaun Quade from Lume. It looks intricate, beautiful, and looks super hard, just like any other dish in the elimination round. The time they are given is 3 1/2 hours, which sound a lot but with so much to do in that recipe, it will go so fast for the contestants.


Sarah might have it easy

Sarah started by drawing every little detail on how it was plated. This is smart as she can have a reference when it comes to plating up. She should be fine in this pressure test as she loves eating seafood with her family and she goes out fishing. 


Everyone started well except for Diana who have missed a step. She didn’t put the wood chips in the oven. This has set her back a lot and it frazzled her for some time. She really looked defeated when George was giving her advice. Compared to Sarah and Karlie who seemed like they will not ever make a mistake.


As soon as I thought that they won’t make a mistake, lo and behold, Sarah had trouble with the mussel foam, while Karlie burnt her marmalade. At this point, everyone made a mistake that set them back. Karlie remade her marmalade and Sarah is going to have to thicken her foam at the last minute or seconds. Diana finally caught up and was keeping up with the others.


Mistakes abound

Everyone made a sphere which looks as good as what the original. Sarah thought her sphere was a little imperfect and tried to fix it by using the power drill they used to make the hole. She kept drilling and the sphere broke.

-Everyone gasps in the gantry.

At this point i’m thinking, she is going home. Sarah quickly remade a sphere and made it even better than the first.


Then Diana plated up but her marmalade was overcooked and it was hard like a rock. Now I think she is going home instead of Sarah. But, with Sarah breaking the sphere and remaking it, she has lost considerable time. The time she needs to thicken up the mussel foam.


Karlie was sweet, she hasn’t missed a beat. She remade her marmalade and had no hiccups afterwards. The one going home will either be Sarah who doesn’t have a mussel foam or Diana without a marmalade.



The determining factor for the winner will come down to whether a mussel foam is more relevant than a marmalade. Everyone thought Karlie’s dish was an Umami bomb, flavorsome and looked almost like the original. 

“So much love was in that food.”

by: George Calombaris


When it came to announcing the one going home, the judges all praised Karlie’s dish. Sarah’s ice cream was lacking flavor and intensity. There was no foam and those were the reasons why, Sarah was eliminated.


Sarah now works with Australia Pork and plans to have pop up dinners for the coming months. Watch the episode here in Channel Ten’s Masterchef, episode 57, season 9.


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