Mad Mex Burrito Challenge has been issued. For anyone who finishes this monster 1kg of a Burrito will get a free wrestlers mask. Wow! A wrestlers mask! Seriously, it’s not something for me to be excited about. The eating of the actual monster Burrito is more exciting.

mad mex burrito challenge

From marketing point of view, this is clever. People gets excited about challenges and when it involves monster food, it will go viral. It’s like man vs food but man vs food challenges are extremely extreme. I mean that guy can eat!

Challengers must eat the 1kg Burrito in one sitting inside the establishment without the help of anyone. 

I honestly can say that it’s not a very hard challenge, if you are hungry enough. Eating that after 4 hours of a big breakfast won’t be easy. I’d say fast the whole day ’till the challenge or just eat light.

Mad Mex Burrito Challenge History

Mad Mex has been doing the challenge since 2012 and it has been a hit. People flock to Mad Mex for that 1kg Burrito challenge. It’s either for bragging rights, for fun, for the love of food or because two burrito is not enough. I guess the mask is just a bonus and proof that you actually accomplished it.

I am guessing that you will have to pay for this Burrito. If you think that the mask will counter the amount of money you spent on the Burrito, well think again. The mask probably only cost them a dollar. It’s a good way for Mad Mex to start a buzz, like I said it’s good marketing.

There isn’t any time limit for this challenge but challengers have posted a best time of 1 minute and 13 seconds. Wow that is quick, that guy must have a big mouth and downed it like a shot of vodka.

What you get in that Burrito is rice, beans, pico de gallo and slow-cooked or freshly grilled meats or vegetables. It is also pack with cheese, house-made salsas, sour cream and lettuce. The cost of this massive Mad Mex Burrito challenge is $22. 

This challenge is held in celebration of Cinco de Mayo which is Mexican’s victory over the French Army on May 5th 1862.

Enter your interest and challenge your friend in this link.