Do you know how to cut onions? I used to just chop and hack at it then chuck it in the pan. Once I was doing a recipe and it called for cubed onions. What the? Cubed onions? Are you serious? How the F do I do that? So I chopped and  hack the onion then diced it to bits. Ended up with little tiny bits of cubed onions. It’s cubed so that will do.


Then I told my chef friend about cutting cubed onions. He told me that I am an idiot and explained to me how to easily cut an onion. I asked him to do a demonstration on how to cut onions. I was gobsmacked when he did it, so quick and easy.

how to cut onions

Been cutting onions since I started helping my grandmother and mother in the kitchen. We Filipinos do not cube our onions. Just cut it and put it in the pan.


Cut slits close to the root

First step is of course peel your onion.

how to cut onions
Onion peeled.

Cut it in half.

how to cut onions
Flat surface prevents onion from moving when cut

Having a flat surface makes the onion, easy to work with. Starting at the root, stab that onion close to the root and cut it down to the end. The root will hold everything together as you make vertical cuts.

how to cut onion

How many slits you make depends on how thin or thick you want the cubes to be. The thinner the cube, the more slits you have to make.


Smaller? Make 3 or more horizontal cuts.

So you have reached the most dangerous part of cutting an onion. You are about to cut the onion horizontally. Please be careful when you do this. Hold down the onion with the palm of your hand to stop it from moving. Then make the cut horizontally very carefully. Do not cut your hand, always make sure that you are looking at what you are cutting.

how to cut onion

The more horizontal cuts that you make, the smaller your cubes are going to be. Typically I only make 2 but you can make more depending on the size of the onion and of course your desired thickness of the actual cube.


Then just cut

Next step is to cut the whole onion. Holding your knife firmly, slice the onion. This is what you should get after slicing it.

how to cut onions

Perfectly, almost, cubed onions, done in seconds. 


How about the root?

how to cut onions

You might be wondering about the root and don’t know what to do with it. I too had this dilemma as my friend never told me what he does with his. You can throw it in the bin if you want. To me, I don’t want to waste it so I just cut slits like what I did with the whole onion previously.

how to cut onions

Then cut it into smaller pieces. If you can, conform to the size of your previous cuts but it’s not important. You should end up with something like this.

cut onions


How to cut onions? E Z P Z…

I didn’t know how to properly cube onions until my friend showed me how. I’m just passing on the knowledge hoping I can help someone too. 

For more visual presentation, please visit our Youtube channel or you can just watch the video below. 

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