Due to my excessive junk food eating habits, I now have a very high cholesterol. This lead me to create some low cholesterol recipes for me to eat. I will try my best to make it yum and not yuck. Surely there are many ways to make food tasty without fats. I will miss you pork crackling! Bye bye for good.

My goal now is to bring it down to the normal range. If I can make a drop of 3 from 10. That will be a great outcome. Yes my cholesterol level was so high, my doctor urgently phoned me to come in and see her. If anyone interested, you can read about it here.

Most of the recipe here will only take you 30 minutes or less to cook. They are also easy to make, no fancy gadgets needed. I really don’t want to spend too long cooking. I just want to eat yummy food with little effort.

Some may take awhile because it will either be slow cooked or braised in the oven to keep those meat tender. If you want succulent meats then you have to put in the time. Not much effort though, like I said, little work, yummy food.