A journal of how I’m trying to achieve a lower cholesterol level. Accounts of the food I eat, physical activities I do, motivation, or lack of, and how my normal life is impacted by this crap that is clogging up my arteries.

May 18, 2017

The phone call

Yesterday, I had a phone call from the medical clinic. My blood test result has come in and my doctor wants to see me. Panic and stress set in. Who wouldn’t stress out when a doctor needs to see you urgently about your blood test. Made an appointment to see her straightaway that day.

The  reason for the blood test was that I feel pain in my upper abdomen. I thought maybe it’s liver related, but I need to get a blood test to be sure, and do something about it. Got it all done first thing in the morning, then bought myself some coffee and had some cheesecake.

I loooove cheesecake.

Seeing my doctor

So my doctor called me in and I was a nervous wreck. I was just waiting for her to say something terrible. The word “cancer” came to mind.

Instead she says, “Your cholesterol is really high. The highest you have ever had, it is a 10. I will have to put you on medication.” She went on to say. “Your liver enzyme is a bit high too. It should sort itself out, once your cholesterol is in the normal range.”

The normal range for cholesterol is 5 mmo/L. My reading was at 10 mmo/L. I was taken aback but then I thought, it’s not as serious as cancer. All my blood test in the past resulted in high cholesterol and was told to watch my diet. So in a way I wasn’t so worried. I was actually relieved to hear it’s only high cholesterol.

Take your high cholesterol seriously

Perfect score, I joked. She didn’t even crack a smile. With a very serious face she says, “10 is really high Christian. You are in danger of having a heart attack any minute. You should take this matter more seriously.”

She was right, what am I thinking. The reason it got this high was because I didn’t really take it serious when I got a 6.5 mmo/L cholesterol or when I got a 7.5 mmo/L. This is the result of not taking care of my health.

She wanted to take my blood pressure and of course it’s high too. I asked her to do another test to see if it goes lower. It did go down but it’s still in the high range, it was 148/58 if I can remember correctly. She told me to come back in a week to check my blood pressure again and 3 months time to check my cholesterol level.

She prescribed me 10 mg of statin. Statin is a form of drug that helps reduce cholesterol. The statin didn’t cost much, it was $15 for a pack of 30 tablets. I thanked her and said see you in 3 months.

Get focus and beat this cholesterol menace

During the drive home, I was just thinking of what I have been doing to myself. Why did I let this go so far? Why am I not taking care of my health? 

I thought about the junk food bingeing late at night. The cheesecakes, muffins, doughnuts, all the bad stuff. Sometimes I don’t even eat just to make room for more dessert.

I was really on a bad food diet and needed to change.

I have 3 months to get my cholesterol within normal range. Well, maybe just to lower it a bit to 6 mmo/L is my goal.

Went home, took the statin tablet and went to bed. 

A new day

Got up at 4:00 this morning to get ready for work. I can’t just eat whatever now so I needed to eat a healthy breakfast. Something that will get me through 4 hours of work, until my next meal at 9:30 am.

Had cereal with strawberry and banana with sugar on top. I didn’t really have anything prepared so I just made something that required no cooking.

I know it has sugar but in moderation should be fine. 

For lunch I packed some leftover eggs and sausages that I had made last night. Yes I know, it’s high in fats. I needed something for lunch and had nothing prepared. Just took whatever was available. 

For morning tea, I brought some oranges and banana. 

Early mark! Woo hooo!

Finished early today, this should give me some time to get back into fitness. I am on and off with my workouts. My aim is to have a routine going to get back in shape.

Got home, grabbed my basketball shoes and basketball. Drove to the park and hit some jumpers. I spent 38 minutes just playing basketball by myself. Did some shoot around, dribbles and some basic basketball drills. 

Feels great!

The feeling after a workout feels so good! I know that I have accomplished something and a step closer towards a positive health. All I need to do now is to keep this going until the day I die. This is the hard part, being consistent is really impossible if you are not focus or not motivated.

This is what problems most people face all the time. I know I have done it. Probably will again. For now, I am happy that I have started this journey towards making a better me.


After the workout, drove home, got changed and was so hungry. There was the sausages I had made and the eggs. There is also the cheesecake that I was suppose to eat before my doctor gave me a call yesterday. 

I fought off those cravings, it is hard. That cheesecake is so tempting. 

Took every ounce of my willpower to say –no cheesecake, noooo!

Coffee and cholesterol

I love coffee and I need to have it. So I did.

Studies have shown that coffee raises cholesterol. The only coffee that doesn’t are the filtered coffee. You know the one’s that goes through a paper coffee filter. 

coffee filter

Report stated that unfiltered coffee raised individuals cholesterol levels. While those who drank filtered coffee had no changes in cholesterol levels. 

This made me so happy.

I can drink coffee! 

Goodbye yummy food

The worst thing about having high cholesterol, worst than having a heart attack, is not eating yummy food. I’m doomed!

Bye pork crackling, bye cheesecake, goodbye fatty, indulgent food. I will miss you.

Hello boring, bland, yuck, vomit food. I am crying right now.


Different approach to food

To help lower my cholesterol problem, I will have to make food low in fat. –crying..

I guess I don’t have to be drastic about it. I guess chicken thigh and one egg yolk is fine. Don’t really want to go too hardcore with the low in fat thing.

So I made this!

chicken over egg

Yeah, it looks disgusting. It does taste good though.

I didn’t have any greens so no color. Wanted some freshness in there, like coriander, but can’t find any. I would have put chives too, again, don’t have any.

Check here for Parent and Child recipe. It’s my take on the Oyakodon.

That’s not my dinner by the way. It’s for tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, ha ha.

I’ll probably make another thigh dish tomorrow. 

My dinner

As well as trying to lower my cholesterol, I also want to lower my body fat. I really let myself go because I am now 6 months pregnant. 

My goal is to cut carbs at night or no carbs at all. Night time is where I will take in the majority of my vegetable intake.

This will be done by juicing. So simple, quick and so healthy. Imagine eating raw vegetables without the nutrients being burnt in the pan. All those nutrients straight into your body. So much goodness.

So yuck, so good

This is what I had for dinner. A piece of kale, 1 celery and a 3/4 cup of prune juice.

how to lower cholesterol

Yep that’s my dinner!

It kind of tasted alright because of the prune juice. A little bit bitter but more sweet. Imagine I only added water and not prune juice. -eugh..

Just down it and go to bed. Done. Goodnight.

May 19, 2017

Routine is key

Like I said, having a routine to eat right and workout everyday is very challenging. I still have that motivation. I had the chicken thigh I prepared yesterday for breakfast and it was nice. Looks yum buy yum, ha ha!

After work, I couldn’t really do anything outside because it is raining. So decided to just workout at home with using my old UFC workout videos. I am so out of shape, halfway through the video I was huffing and puffing. I was gone!

Lucky my girlfriend called me otherwise I may have pushed too hard and have a heart attack. 

I have to go easy on the first few workouts, I have been off for a while. My body and heart won’t be used to it and might send me to the hospital. Have to work myself up slowly, I will get there eventually.

So, I stopped at the 20 minute mark. I was drench in sweat. This workout gives you cardio and at the same time, strength training. It’s very time efficient.

My lunch

After workout, I made coffee and some peanut butter honey sandwich. Peanut butter is good for the heart because it’s high in monounsaturated fats. Eat this in moderation because it does contain saturated fats too. I generally only have 1 tablespoon a day. 

My dinner

Tonight I made this chicken thigh with bok choy.

chicken thigh with bok choy

Check out the chicken thigh with bok choy recipe.

Working in the afternoon

I found out that I am working in the afternoon at 3:00 tomorrow. It’s great that I can stay up late and update this blog. The problem is that I will be eating a lot when I stay up so late. I have to fight the cravings, going to be hard. 

May 20, 2017

I didn’t eat any midnight snacks!

Got up at 8:30 this morning. I am extremely proud of myself from last night for not having midnight snacks. That is one night, I don’t know if I can keep going.

I had my cereal for breakfast.

food to lower cholesterol

Special K by Kellog’s, because I’m special. Blandish but the dried fruits brings some sweetness with the creaminess of the milk.


I had rice with my left over, Oyakodon for lunch. Just before going to work, I also had peanut butter and sandwich. 

I will be working hard at work so I can eat a few calories. Burning off those calories when I lift those heavy boxes.


Got home at about 8:30 and decided to have coffee with peanut butter sandwich. I love my coffee with peanut butter sandwich!

Thoughts for today

I will only eat a  lot if, I will eventually be doing a lot of physical activities to ward off excess calories. 

Peanut butter sandwich and coffee, mmmmmm yum.

I hope I can get to exercise tomorrow morning. Motivation has to be there tomorrow, come on Chris, you can do this.

May 21, 2017

Did 1 hour worth of strength training today. No cardio but that workout should boost my fat burning for 24 hours. 

Breakfast is fried rice today with 1 egg. Forgot to take photos, maybe I will cook it during the week. 

Lunch was pretty much my left overs, which was the Oyakodon. 

Dinner was juice, it had carrot, lettuce and grapes. 

This low fat diet is getting to me a bit and it hasn’t even been a week. I don’t know if I have the willpower to keep doing this. 

May 22, 2017

I lost it today, went off the rails. Probably put on more calories than I would have wanted. 

Like I said, consistency and sustaining it is the hardest part of eating clean. 

Nothing exciting happened today, ate basically the same thing but the problem was I ate more. 

Although I worked and played a bit of basketball, but when night came, I had double dinner. I had a whole plate of Japanese pancake bought take away by my girlfriend and 2 peanut butter sandwich.

Really need to work it off tomorrow.