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A little something about Japan. This mesmerizing country consists of many islands. It has one of the largest island in the world named, Honshu. The Japanese people actually call their country Nippon, meaning “the origin of the sun” in Japanese. Japan government is similar to ours here in Australia. They have a parliamentary cabinet system and a prime minister. They have an Emperor and an Empress. We have a Queen named Elizabeth and no we don’t have a King. Yes the lady is the boss. At the time of writing, our Queen Elizabeth is still alive.


I just want to give you guys some background and history of Japan. Boring for some, interesting for few. You don’t have to read it, to the left are useful links for traveling Japan.

Population of Japan

There are a lot of people living in Japan. Worldometers.info reveals that Japan has over 120 million people compared to Australia’s 28 million. What the?! How did they fit in that country? IKEA living maybe.

The earliest record of Japan’s history are from Chinese documents. The land started as a broken country, un-unified tribes, some may say. These tribes have been at war with each other for years until a Queen, got really powerful, unified the land and brought peace. This sounds like the story ofKaguya Otsutsuki, if you follow Naruto, you know what i’m talking about. Yes I am an anime nut, maybe one of the reasons I love Japan.

I would have thought that Japan are the originators of everything but was I wrong. They were taught by China and Korea on how to write. They got taught Buddhism by their neighbour but they changed it in many ways, ie. the Zen. China was the main influence in Japan’s culture but as time went by, their relationship weakened.

 Japan and Germany

In the 16th century, Europeans frequented Japan to trade and also introduced Christianity. Europeans have conquered a lot of countries and the Japanese were aware of this. Fearing they might do the same to Japan, they stopped any relations and drove them out of their country. They also killed many Christians during this process. Oh my god, they are so bad! Japan wasn’t all Hello Kitty, manga reading, square and cute people. They were something else entirely. They even teamed up with freaking Hitler in WWII. Can you imagine working with Hitler, “Your eyes are brown and squinty, you must die!”. I still don’t know why Hitler decided to work with the Japanese, when his propaganda is like One Nation’s, Pauline Hanson. Anyone? We will never know.

In the middle of 1800’s, Americans were allowed entry to Japan, bringing with them, guns. America and their guns, right. Maybe if they are more strict with their gun laws, but i’m not going to get into that subject. It’s a very sensitive matter. So, Americans introduced guns to the Japanese people. Watch The Last Samurai for some more fun, not so boring info.

Japanese Empire

With their new relations with the americans and europeans, Japan became a powerful country. They started going to war with everyone. Taiwan, Korea, China and Russia were all in their list.

Their most notable war though was with America, specially the surprise attack they did at Pearl Harbor in 1941. Just like ninjas, they snuck in quietly, undetected, until it was too late. Pearl Harbor was America’s navy stronghold. This was a heavy blow against the americans, but they persevered and slowly crept closer to Japan and established air bases. This put them in range to Japan’s mainland. Americans started bombing Japan left, right and center. The most destructive bomb of all was the atomic bombs that was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Watch this documentary and find out how an atomic bomb can wipe out an entire city and it’s after effects. This was the final straw for Japan and marked their defeat. The Americans occupied Japan and told them how to run their government. They also made them sign a contract not to go to war again.

Whew! That was extensive, I just love Japan. 

Japanese food

The food in Japan is not very diverse in terms of cuisines. It’s either Japanese or Japanese. During our walks in the cities in Southern Japan, we could not find any restaurant other than Japanese. My friend actually went crazy because all we were having were just Sushi. He literally was eating sushi everyday from the convenient stores because it was cheap. Check out our Japanese food blog for some mouth watering dishes.

The only time we had different dish other than Japanese was when we went back to Tokyo. We found a place that served the biggest Naan ever! Google map is your friend when you are in Japan. That’s why you need to check out our…….

Japan travel tips

Glad you made it this far. Traveling in Japan can be really confusing. You will get lost, I guarantee it. Even the more reason you need to read our Japan travel tips

The trains are just so confusing to navigate. Buses are even worst! People hardly speak any English but are very helpful and respectful. There are other things you will need to have a great experience in Japan. Learn what to do, items to prepare and things to avoid. It is a great country and I would like to help anyone, any way I can, for you to want to visit again and again.