Looking for the best food travel Youtube channels? Keep reading and I will tell you who to watch and subscribe to.

There is just something special about watching, eating and learning about other cuisines.

Some people love watching people eat, some may find that offensive and rude, but there are Youtubers that loves it. After all, they are profiting from it.

They make money doing what they love, which is eating food and traveling. I wish I can be like them, sigh. 

Watching these guys, you may even learn where to go for your next travel adventures. If you love food and enjoy travel then you have got to watch these amazing Youtubers. 

I promise you will be inspired, learn, get hungry and most of all, be entertained.

Wil Dasovich (Tsong and Tsongo)

food travel youtube

This guy got me started watching Youtube full time. He is so funny. I always laugh out loud watching his vlogs. He literally refers to himself as a monkey (tsongo).

Born and raised in America he came to Philippines for a post grad holiday. Little did he know, he will become a famous Youtuber that influences so many in Philippines. 

First discovered as a model in a shopping mall. It got him doing gigs that paid for his expenses while living in the Philippines.

All the while he started making Youtube sketches. One of his very famous video is “how to speak beki (gay language)” got viral status and got himself 1000’s of subscribers. It just took off from there. He is reaching the 500,000 mark as I write this. 

His channel promotes travel, food, health and fitness. He has been nominated for Asia’s most influential Youtuber for the year 2017. 

A workaholic, loves food and travel. He seems to be down to earth and really does inspire people to better themselves. Best of all he is very funny. Subscribe to him here.


I don’t even know her real name. Her first name must be Tj and last name Cupof? I’m just joking!  I found her channel through a Facebook group and glad I did. She is quirky, smart and loves food. Much  like Wil Dasovich, every time I watch her vlogs, it puts a smile on my face. 

Her story is that she quit her job and started travelling. How scary is that right? I think it’s the best thing she has done and you will know why if you watch one of her videos. Currently on 16,000 subs, she will blow up very soon, just a matter of time. Sub to her while she still replies to your comments.

Her videos are very informative and her personality just shines. She is a natural on camera. She loves food, travel and very funny. Subscribe to her here.

Mark Wiens

The godfather of food travel. He started with a website called the migrationology.com then used the Youtube platform to promote his contents. That made him a lot of presence. There are people out there that loves what he does. Which is travel for food. 

He traveled for quite some time before he met his partner Ying in Bangkok. He has a successful blog and a great food travel youtube channel with more than 700,000 subscribers.

May not be as funny as Wil or Tj but he is more knowledgeable about food and cooking techniques. It is quite amusing when his face reacts (delicious face) after every bite. A must see indeed, subscribe to him here.

Your must watch food travel youtube channels?

There you have it, the channels that takes the boredom away from my life. I watch these guys when I need a pick me up and motivation. 

How about you? Do you know any fun food travel youtube channels? Leave a comment below.