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Our food travel stories. I love food so much, I can travel a thousand miles to eat it. Much like pregnant lady cravings. The love for food has taken us to wonderful places.

We reside in one of the best city for foodies in the world, Sydney. Second is Melbourne, ha! Melbourne also is one of the best cities in the world for foodies.

The show Masterchef is filmed there and there are lots of great chefs and restaurants in Melbourne. Sadly, I haven’t visited yet! I really should, but every time we have time off we would rather go overseas.


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Traveling and exploring Sydney for food has given us a lot of exciting, delicious and sometimes disgusting experience. There are a lot of diversity in Australia and it shows.

The amount of different cuisines in Sydney is remarkable. You can eat Japanese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Australian, Italian, Filipino, Burmese, Taiwan, I can go on and on. The point is that almost every cuisine is covered. It really is one of the best food mecca in Australia.

A must visit for any foodie. During our travels we have come across some best dishes. We have compiled a list of our favorites for you guys to experience. Read more about the best Sydney food.


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I love everything about Japan, sometimes I wish I was Japanese. This is one of the place that I want to live in. Beautiful country, people and culture. This can be my third home if I was rich enough to buy three houses.

Our Japan food travel was mediocre at best but it was such an experience. First time I have ever had big pieces of Sashimis. They normally have them in big chunks so the locals say. Read our food travel blog and also travel tips in Japan.

New Zealand

Our travel to New Zealand was very brief as we only stayed for 4 nights. You really need more than a week to experience what the country has to offer.

We originally thought that New Zealand is so much like Australia. Nowhere near it. New Zealand’s lush greenery and forests are so much different to Australia. Our forests and greens no matter the season is not as vibrant compared to New Zealand.

Australia is a dry country and New Zealand has the best fertile land due to a lot of geothermal activities. If you want to capture amazing landscapes, you have to visit New Zealand, it’s a must. Check out our tips and watch videos about New Zealand.