One of my favorite things to watch is Anime. Been a fan since young and still, at old. If you are reading this, then you must be a fan too and are looking for a cooking Anime to watch.


I have seen quite a few cooking animes and I can recommend two. Yeah I know it’s not much but I want to recommend the best. I don’t want you coming back to me saying, Chris, that show was total crap.


Without further ado, let’s get into my top 2 cooking Anime list as of July 2017.

Food Wars! – Shokugeki no Soma

cooking anime

My cousin told me about this anime saying that it’s funny. Sometimes his kind of funny is not really that funny, so I had doubts.


I never really searched for the Anime till about a month after my cousin told me. I just had too much Anime to catch up on.


After catching up with the new episodes, I decided to give Food Wars a go and see what my cousin was fussing about.


Background story

Soma is a 15 year old kid whose father, runs a restaurant in a small part of town. As soon as Soma graduated from Middle School, his father decides to close up shop for a job offer. Or, is he? This shattered Soma’s dream of learning from his father and one day run his father’s restaurant.


Leaving Soma alone to fend for himself. What kind of father does that?


Anyways, Soma then got a challenge from his father to study at a certain cooking school and graduate. This had Soma fired up and exciting things begin to happen. He meets all kinds of gifted cooks like himself and takes on great and funny challenges along the way.


My Take

If you love comedy, food and Anime, this is one of the cooking Anime that you shouldn’t miss.


There’s a bit of raunchy scenes that are not for the faint hearted, to this anime, a little bit like a Seinen, of which there’s a bit of half nude men and women.


This happens a lot because every time they eat delicious food, they get transported to a scene where it visually shows how they are feeling, most of the time, half naked.

food wars


Our protagonist, the main character, Soma, has a goal in mind, that is to be better than his father at cooking. To get there, he has to work hard at school, face and overcome challenges ahead and graduate. 


I can relate to this as I too aspire to be better than my brother and it seems like a far reach, but I still try.


It is a funny Anime about food and cooking  with a bit of nudity. The recipes are also from a Japanese chef, Yuki Morisaki, who also appears in Japanese TV.


Watch Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma in Crunchyroll.


Restaurant To Another World

Another cooking Anime to make you hungry is Restaurant To Another World. This is the latest Anime about food in July 2017.


Crunchyroll recommended me this Anime and I am finding it awesome thus far. The characters, the story, the food, I am loving it.


Background Story

The restaurant’s name is Western Restaurant Nekoya and is run by head Chef Tenshu.

western restaurant nekoya


The shop is located in a ghetto part of town and operates like a regular restaurant. In one day of the week, it closes, but it’s door opens to another world. Serving all sorts of creatures from humans, elves, demons, lizards and dragons. There could be more, they only done 2 episodes so far.


My Take

Unlike Food Wars, where people burst out of their clothes, baring all after taking one bite, in this one, they stay in their clothes. Which to me is better, as naked bodies can be a little distracting.


This is part cooking, part fantasy adventure Anime. As the story progresses, there are more characters introduced.


In episode 1, Tenshu gets a help in the kitchen in the form of a demon girl. She tells her story and how she ended up in the restaurant, eating the Chef’s breakfast. Eventually getting hired as a wait staff.

cooking anime


In episode 2, there is the treasure hunter, whose Father have passed away and handed his most valuable possession to her, the map to Western Restaurant Nekoya’s door.


There is also the honorable Knight who have stumbled onto the door by accident as he collapses from exhaustion trying to get help for his comrades that are being attacked by swarms of monsters.


All these stories revolves around the Western Restaurant Nekoya. Hence you get a bit of fantasy adventure with food as it’s core.


Of course there is a little bit of nudity to add some heat.

anime food


The story is well thought out and animation is quite pretty. If you love a bit of Fantasy, Adventure with a dash of Food in your Anime, you will love this.


Watch Restaurant To Another World in Crunchyroll.


What is your best cooking anime to watch?

Well that’s my top cooking Anime that you should be watching. Tell me what you guys think or if you have any other suggestions, I am more than happy to watch it.