My first ever dish was actually Japanese, it was teriyaki chicken. It was the first recipe that I learned. I never really try to look up filipino recipes because I had my mother to just tell me. I was really fascinated by the Japanese culture. I loved watching samurai and ninja films. One of the best ninja flick I had ever watched is called Shinobi: Heart Under Blade. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Apart from being a foodist, I also love films. I watch animes all the time. I don’t know why I’m so intrigued by Japanese culture, I just am. 

I have to be true to myself and start learning and understanding my Filipino culture. The other day, I was watching a YouTuber from the US, talking about Philippines like a pro. I didn’t even know most of the things he was talking about. A bit embarrassing when a foreigner knows more about your own country than you do. That was a wake up call, here I am, learning everything about other cultures when I don’t have a clue about my own. I have to change and today is the day. My first ever recipe that I’m going to blog about is my own, Filipino food recipe.


These recipes should be quick and easy. What I usually cook are simple dishes, that even a 12 year old can make. For me, simple is king. Sometimes I get a lot of time and cook something that involves a lot of steps. Get drained by the time I finish and just want to hit the bed. In this modern era, everyone seems to be so busy. Cooking doesn’t have to be time consuming. Half an hour to cook is just perfect. Gives you time to do other things like hit the gym, pick up the kids, watch movies. So stop buying take away, fast junk food and just follow these simple Filipino recipes. Don’t forget the rice.



Chicken Adobo

Adobo is one of the most famous filipino dishes. Even Black Eyed Peas featured it in their video clip. Realy simple, easy and tasty.




A bit of Filipino food history lesson for the interested…

Filipino food has Chinese and Spanish influences. Soy sauce from Chinese traders and Spain introduced a cooking method called sauteing. They also brought with them chili peppers, corn, tomatoes from Americas. We can also count in Spanish. 

Our food is a balance of saltiness, sweet and sour. Some other regions like Cordilleras, Bicol, base their dish in spice. We eat our food with our hands traditionally. Western influences introduced spoon, fork and knives. We hardly eat with knives, instead we use spoon and fork with our plates.