As usual, I was going through the internet for events that we can attend in the weekend. There wasn’t really anything that caught my eye. Then I saw Elizabeth Farm Spring Harvest. Caption says “This restful homestead hides a dark and stormy past.” That was just so intriguing to read so I booked it. 

elizabeth farm

The forecast was thunderstorm around 12pm, so it wasn’t really looking good and we might even need to change venue. Luckily the thunderstorm held up and only let loose when we left for home. 

The farm is located at Rosehill. Rosehill is situated near Parramatta. It is about 30 minutes away from the Sydney CBD if you are going by car. I wouldn’t know how long it would take via train. This would be a guess but I think it will be 1 hour.

Free Entry

There is no entry fee in the farm. Entering the house is another matter though. A donation of gold coins are said to be sufficient to gain entry. Upon entering, you are greeted by people who will direct you to where you want to go or answer any question you may have. A quick walk inside the farm, the first thing you will see is an ATM with wheels. This is to ensure that anyone can withdraw cash from their account to spend in the market stalls. So, bring cash with you. 

elizabeth farm

There are plenty of things for sale. Lots of products like honey, plants, garden tools, seeds, nuts, oils, jams, lots more and everything is organic.  They even sell biodegradable pots. Food on offer are sourdough breads, cakes, gluten free options. There are sausages, french cuisine, and a spit roast which everyone has lined up for. Really good place to buy clean naturally grown produce. 

elizabeth farm

The House

Then there’s the house, built by the Macarthurs in the 1800’s.  This farm has witnessed a lot of major Australian events. From convict rebellion, growth of the Australian wool and the economy. The Macarthurs are very private people. They kept to themselves most of the time. They do engage in public gatherings for business purposes. Most of the time they are secluded. In one of the letters found, John wrote to his wife the following,  ‘I am perfectly aware, my beloved wife, of the difficulties you have to contend with.’ That was not an understatement at all. Robert Scott, a family friend, describes John Macarthur as “a man of the most violent passions, his friendship strong and his hatred invincible.”

He was plagued by depression and lost his sanity. John was separated from his wife and family in 1833.  After a year long living in his Camden property, he dies in April, 1834.


Today Elizabeth farm is transformed into a museum. Where you can literally touch anything and go wherever you wanted. There are no locked doors, no access denied areas, you just can’t take anything home with you. There are also a staff in each room to answer any queries you may have. You can actually even hire the house for a private function, just give them a call for details.

There are parts of the house which looks like a scene from a horror movie. Everything is just so old and antique. One of the clip in my video looks like it’s been taken from a horror classic.

The furniture are old but well kept during the years. When you see the bedroom while it’s dark and beside it is a dimly lit lamp. It gives that ominous vibe. Just watch the video, you’ll get a better idea.

Elizabeth farm is a good place to spend a relaxing day with the family. It has a house that was built in the 1800’s and has been maintained and kept in original condition. Surely this will give you an insight on how people have lived. 


The day we got there was a festival held by Living Museum and the entry was free. We donated $4 to enter the house.

Entry Fee

Adult  | $12 
Concession  | $8 
Family  | $30 
Members  | Free of charge
Children under 5 years  | Free of charge


House and gardens

Open Wednesday to Sunday
10AM – 4PM

Open daily during NSW public school holidays
Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day


Open Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 4pm (last service at 3:30pm)

Open daily in NSW school holidays, 10am to 4pm (last service at 3:30pm)


Tours at Elizabeth Farm are fun, optional and free. Depart hourly from the tearoom between 11am and 2pm. They will take 45 minutes to 1 hour. Self-guided iPad tours are also available.

Group bookings

Groups of 15 or more wanting a guided tour during opening hours need to book. Group tours can also be arranged for other days (Mondays to Fridays) – you will need to book 10 working days in advance. For information, prices and bookings call +61 2 9635 9488.

School bookings

Elizabeth Farm runs education programs for primary and secondary students.



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