Teinoya’s Garden

One if not only Japanese restaurant in Cabramatta. Young and energetic staff runs this bustling eatery. This one may actually stay open for a long time, only if they fix that Tonkotsu. Read more at Teinoya’s Garden Review.

Super Dish

super dish

Looking for some great Congee? You’ll be spoiled for choice in this Chinese restaurant. Read our Super Dish Review.


Cabramatta restaurants specializes in Vietnamese food. There are other cuisines that have opened only to shut operations down after a year or two.

There was the Korean BBQ which we used to go locally for some Kimchi and after a year it was gone.

The food was great, their Bimimbap was served in a stone bowl. They tell you how it should be eaten and explain to you why.

They catered for Vietnamese people by hiring staff that can speak Vietnamese. I can’t figure out how they didn’t stay open.

There was also the Japanese restaurant opened 10 years ago only to close a couple of months. I can’t really comment on the food because we haven’t been there.

We only found out that they shut when we planned to visit. The word everyone muttered was, “that was quick”.

So I started asking myself, why do non-Vietnamese restaurant in Cabramatta doesn’t stay open for long? I think I may have found the answer.

Living with a Vietnamese family

Living with a Vietnamese family sort of maybe answered my question as to why non-Vietnamese Cabramatta restaurants doesn’t last. My girlfriend, Yen, is Vietnamese.

She is very open with eating other cuisines and lets her tongue be the judge whether it’s good or not. Her sister, father and mother, is not so accommodating.

They love their Vietnamese food so much they will put down every other cuisines without even tasting it.

Non-Vietnamese Cabramatta restaurants can’t survive

This lead me to believe that most non-Vietnamese Cabramatta restaurants doesn’t last is because most Vietnamese are so bias towards their own.

To them, Vietnamese is the best food in the world. I can understand old people but her sister is so much younger than her and she should be more open minded when it comes to other dishes.

I am a foodie and love every food. It does not matter where the dish originated from but if it satisfies my palate, I give it a big thumbs up. No need to be racist when it comes to food.

Clap your hands if you agree! Her sister says she loves food, but if you can’t eat other cuisines then you don’t really love it. She is changing a little though, but still hates Filipino food.

Cabramatta restaurants for Vietnamese by Vietnamese

Cabramatta’s major population are Vietnamese. They have been living in Cabramatta for so long.

They love Cabramatta and regard it as the little Vietnam in Austaralia. Majority of Cabramatta restaurants and other businesses are run by Vietnamese people.

If most Vietnamese people living or working in Cabramatta are not so accepting towards other dishes.

Then non-Vietnamese Cabramatta restaurant that will open will have trouble gaining customers. They can’t make money if no one want to eat their food.

Changes in Cabramatta restaurants

Over time, I am sure that the new generations of Vietnamese people will be more open to trying other dishes. The new Teinoya’s Garden located in Park Road is a testament that maybe Cabramatta is changing.

Maybe not

Ok, so maybe my theories are stupid and you are probably telling me to get a clue and cursing at me this instant. Don’t take it to heart, one thing for sure, is that Cabramatta restaurants serves the best Vietnamese food.