How To Use Chopsticks

Here’s a little tip for those who can’t use chopsticks. Some people I know are intimidated by using chopsticks and they never even try.


If you are white and you go to an Asian restaurant with the chopsticks skills of Mr. Miyagi, you will certainly impress some people.


Knowing how to handle your chopsticks can be a great tool to pick up Asian female foodies. It shows that you are good with your hands, very agile and you love their Asian cuisines.


As a Filipino, even though we are Asians, we don’t use chopsticks, we use our hands. The taste of our sweaty hands mixed with food is very umami explosion.


Of course we know how to use spoon and fork. We are quite skilled with it. Filipinos are well verse in the ways of eating food, just not chopsticks.


My Experience with Chopsticks

how to use chopsticks video


My first chopsticks experience was with my friends at a Vietnamese restaurant. I think the restaurant was called Pho’ Phi Phum. Yeah, I don’t know. I think they were specializing in beef noodle soup aka Pho’.


I hanged with Koreans and Chinese back then, not so much white, black or my own people. So obviously my friends were very skilled using chopsticks. They were using chopsticks to play with their umbilical cord in their mom’s womb! 


So we ordered and the dishes came out. One by one my friends were given chopsticks with their dish. Mine came and together with my dish was a big spoon and fork.


They see a Filipino guy in their restaurant, straight away they think this guy can’t use chopsticks, break out the spoon and fork.


So true though, I had no skills with the chopsticks.

I NEEDED TO LEARN how to use the chopsticks.


I don’t want Filipinos to be labeled as Asians who can’t use chopsticks. So, every time that I ate with my friends in an Asian restaurant, I always opted for chopsticks.


My friends really didn’t care if I couldn’t use chopsticks, but I did. There was this burning desire in my heart and it spread like an unstoppable bush fire inferno.


And I wanted to pick up Asian chicks.


After a year of eating Asian food with friends, I can honestly say that I am a pro chopsticks user. I can even use chopsticks with my left hand, my non-dominant hand, I am now practicing to catch flies. 


Buy a Chopstick and Use It!

It’s simple really. Use your thumb, index and middle finger to hold the top stick, like a pen. While resting the bottom stick on your ring finger. Everything is handled with the top stick. The really best way to learn is practice.


Mastering how to use chopsticks is all about repetition. At the start, it will be awkward but you will eventually get there, just keep using it. Start by buying a chopstick and just practice at home. Before you know it, you are chopstick master grasshopper.

“Man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything.”

by Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid


How long did it take you to learn how to use a chopstick?