Best Way To Cut Crust Off Bread

To cut crust off bread is considered childish by many. My brother in law always makes sandwiches for his kids and they always tear the crust off when it comes to eating it. There’s just something about the bread’s crust that kids really hate. It’s hard, tasteless and prevents them from enjoying the full flavor of the sandwich spread or whatever filling is in it. 

cut crust off bread

I hate eating the crust. Cutting off the crust of the bread is something that I don’t normally do. I just tear off the crust first and eat it, albeit bland. Leaving the rest and best last. 

My brother in law is always complaining how he doesn’t have much time for himself because of the chores he has to do for his kids. One of them is making his kids sandwiches for school lunch. He would love to have some spare time to work out or just relax after a hard day at work.

One day he was making a sandwich after work like he normally does. He says to me, “I wish I can just cut these sandwiches’ crust in one go”. Cutting all four sides with a bread knife doesn’t take long but when you have to cut more than 2, it can get irritating. You see, he makes himself and his partner sandwiches too. They all take 2 sandwiches each. There are 4 of them so that’s 8 sandwiches altogether. Now that can be time consuming, using just a bread knife to cut crust off bread.

The Best Way to Cut Crust Off Bread is with a Crust Cutter!

I thought of what I can do to help him have a bit of time for himself as he does a fairly labor intensive work. He was carefully cutting the bread’s crust off, then an idea popped in my head. Cutting all 8 sandwiches slowly and meticulously looks painful to watch. I thought to myself, “what if there’s a way to cut crust off bread?” So I decided to Google “cut crust off bread easy” and learned that the best way is to use a sandwich crust cutter. I have found one and have been used constantly almost everyday. It hangs around the sandwich loaves’ side and has found a home in the kitchen. 

Using the sandwich crust cutter, my brother in law now has a little bit more time for himself. The best part is that he doesn’t get frustrated making sandwiches and cutting the crust off the bread. He can just easily put the sandwiches on top of each other and drive those cutter in the middle. Voila, perfectly cut sandwiches in one second, literally.  

The Crust Cutter

cut crust off breadbest way to cut crust off bread

Sounds like my headers are repeating themselves but the actual name of the cutter is “The Crust Cutter”. It is made by Australians for Australians. A great Australian design by Inner Gifts Pty Ltd. This is what we use to cut the crusts off our sandwiches. It does the job with ease. Made of high quality stainless steel all around will ensure it will outgrow your crust cutting habits. Get yours here.