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Oh I miss it so. The spicy and healthy Kimchi. The distinct flavor of that Korean Marinade in that pork. Also missing some Korean pancakes. You know what I’m talking about, Korean BBQ!

Waiting for Yen to finish work so we can go to Lidcombe for some Korean. Can’t believe how Lidcombe is becoming another Strathfield. Which is a city filled with Koreans, another little Korea.

Worked out a little bit so I can negate some calories later. I know I will be eating a lot come lunch time. Can’t wait to eat some spice with beautiful bulgogi pork.

Original plan was to go to our usual spot which is called the Palbok House. Great Korean BBQ in Lidcombe.

To my dismay, my sister in law calls us up frantically saying that the Palbok House is close. “What are we going to do?” she says. I was disappointed but we are here already so lets just pick and choose. 

Deciding where to eat can be a pain.

Took us 15 minutes walking back and forth the street to decide which one to lunch in. Do you know how hard it is to decide which one to eat in? You don’t know if the service is bad, too expensive or worst disgusting food. Finally someone made up their minds and settled on BB KING Restaurant. Not really sure if their exact name includes Restaurant or just BB KING. Their Facebook page name is BB KINGLidcombe. Let’s just go with BB KING to make things easier.

bb king restaurant

BB KING so dim.

We got there almost 1:30 PM and there wasn’t much people seated. Maybe the lunch rush was over, so we were seated quite quickly. It was quite dim, a little bit more lighting could have brighten up the mood. It’s a great sunny day outside, once you enter, the mood change. So going in, coming from outside was a bit dramatic.

As we sat down, there were dirty dishes next to our table. I thought maybe the customers just left. One hour later, they still have not cleaned up the table. I don’t know why, there were three of them and no one packed up those dishes. Not like they were swamped with orders that they didn’t have spare time. 

Going in, you can definitely feel like you are in a Korean restaurant. The photos of Bimimbap, Korean rice wines and Korean writing, apparently called Hangul. Definitely feel like we are in a Korean restaurant. 

After ordering two different proteins, one pork and one beef, we were given these side dishes.

bb king review

There were shredded daikon or radish. Some beansprout with sauce I didn’t like. There were also an eggplant and of course kimchi. There are two sauces that was given to us as dips. The red one is made up of soybean paste with Korean chili sauce. Also topped with pistachio nuts and maple syrup. Maple syrup? What!?! That’s what I said. The other one was Sesame oil and some kind of Pepper.

bb king review

The best is when you double dip that marinated meat in both sauces. Tangy, chili and oily. Great dips to have with Korean BBQ. 

Unusual Korean BBQ like what the?

There was also a canal made on the BBQ plate right in the middle. Didn’t know what it was for ’till the staff started pouring beaten eggs and cheese in it. The egg and cheese is then melted and cooked once the BBQ gets hot.

I had never seen anything like this BBQ. I go to Korean BBQ often and this one is different. It had us questioning where to put the charcoal as there was just a massive hole. 

bb king restaurant

The charcoal is contained in a vertical charcoal holder and placed vertically in the middle of those BBQ plates. Somehow the canal in the middle and the top plates gets hot. The meat gets squished in using a BBQ grill clamp. Then vertically hanged next to the burning charcoal. They do all this for you.

Every time they insert those meat in the grill, a timer is pressed and counts down. Once the timer is up, alarm goes off signifying that timer has reached zero and the meat is done. So one of the wait staff would come over and takes out the meat. Cuts it into pieces and tells you to hurry up and eat it. 

I didn’t appreciate how she sounded but I think she just lacked practice in English. She really sounded rude. What they could have done is put the meat pieces she just cut in an empty plate as to not rush the customers and overcook the meat.

But this BBQ system has  no smoke at all!. I could not smell or see any smoke at all. I could not believe it, I don’t know how it works but say goodbye to a smoky smell after Korean barbecues. 

To me, I missed that smell, I longed it actually. Somehow the experience of going to a Korean BBQ is not complete without that post BBQ smoke smell that Yen hates.

Korean marinade is the shizniz.

The meat, specially the pork was well marinated and have satisfied my palate. That kimchi added some nice spice and those sauces heightened the flavor of the the meat. 

Bulgogi is the marinade used with our pork and it was delish. This marinade is probably the most popular out of all the Korean marinades. It is a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, garlic, sugar and pepper. Mix this with the charcoal flavor and you get an awesome Korean barbecue.

Korean pancake is also shizniz.

bb king lidcombe

This pancake is made perfectly. There was a right amount of flour, vegetables and protein. There were crusty bits which I love, the prawns were a little bit over but nothing wrong with a bit over prawn at all. I have to say this pancake is way better than mine and I make a mean one, so my nephew says anyway. I take “mean”, means good.

Prices steep but worth.

A Korean buffet normally costs $35 per person. There were 10 of us and it costed us $216 for everything. We ordered a pork and beef set which cost $55 and $75 respectively. A bowl of rice costs $2 and we ordered four of those. We also ordered seafood pancake which was $15, a deep fried dumpling $12 and all sorts of dishes. We were still still hungry so ordered some marinated beef ribs which cost $23.

bbqking review
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After all we ordered it worked out cheaper compared to a Korean BBQ buffet. The food was quite good specially the Korean pancake. It really rocked the house. I could have demolished it if I wasn’t sharing with everyone else. Sharing is caring guys!

BB KING Restaurant in Lidcombe.

Yep that’s where it’s at. There are plenty of Korean BBQ restaurants in this area. I suggest you try them all! But here is the info for BBKING Restaurant.


14 Joseph St, Lidcombe NSW 2141

(02) 8041 5081