Christian Tanobey

I can eat 5 bowls of rice and have my cake too.

My first overseas trip was actually Australia. I was born in the Philippines and migrated here. My second overseas trip was back to my country of origin. It was great to see families, old friends and my hometown. I have been back so many times but I have never really explored the whole of Philippines because of family commitments. Looking forward to exploring all the islands.

The second country that I have visited is Thailand and this really opened my eyes to different cultures. I have met some incredible locals and tourists. Shared some great local food. The experience and memories really are priceless.

I love shopping, carrying bags for my missus is what I was born to do! We don’t agree much on anything but there is one thing that we do, that is food! 

I eat anything, she might not. I will give anything a try as long as it wont kill me. We actually prefer street food than fine dining. Street food is more vibrant and it connects you with locals.



yen Ngo

i’m stressed! i need a holiday! I eat and shop too much 😛

Hey guys, this is Yen. My first overseas trip was Vietnam! Unlike my partner, I was born here in Queensland, Australia. The second country that I have been to is also Thailand. I really, really love going back to Vietnam. Can’t wait to go back there for the 100th time. 

Yes I love shopping! I can stay in one store for hours just looking at things. It has happened. He chucked a fit, he was grumbling and whinging. We do argue and disagree on most things. Food though is what we both love. I can eat and willing to try almost anything. We really do eat too much, oh gosh, my belly.

Needless to say, we love to travel and food. Can’t wait to pack our bags and getaway!

Share our journey as we go around shopping, travelling and eating!